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Croatia remains in orange on new ECDC Covid map for Europe

Written by  Aug 26, 2021

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has published a new map with the epidemiological situation in European regions. The ECDC Epidemiological Map for Europe is published each week based on a 14-day incidence and the proportion of positive tests in the total number tested, and although advisory, some countries are guided by it when introducing certain restrictions and measures.

At a press conference, Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, announced unofficial information that Croatia is not in the red zone, and soon an official confirmation arrived from the ECDC will come stating that Croatia remains in orange.

“We waited until 12 o'clock for new data from the ECDC, so we contacted our sources in Stockholm and they confirmed to us that the whole of Croatia remains in orange and that there are no red zones,” Beroš announced.

Green on the ECDC map are regions in which the 14-day rate of infection per 100 thousand inhabitants is less than 50, and the share of positive to Covid-19 of those tested is less than four percent or the 14-day incidence is less than 75, and the share positive less than one percent.

Red means a 14-day rate of 75-200, with a positive proportion greater than 4 percent, and areas where the 14-day rate is infected is 200 to 500, and dark red areas mean a 14-day rate greater than 500.