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Could Croatia go amber on new UK travel list – and what are the consequences?

Written by  Aug 25, 2021

The UK government is expected to update their traffic light travel regime tomorrow and there are rumours that Croatia could find itself degraded from the green watch list to the amber list.

Ever since Croatia found itself on the UK’s green list the number of British tourists has increased immensely, with Dubrovnik seeing a real boom and in fact the most numerous tourist in the city at the moment are from the UK.

However, there is a chance that Croatia will see itself removed from the current status on the green watch list to the amber list. To be allowed entry into Croatia, all travellers from the UK regardless of their vaccination status must present either a negative COVID-19 antigen test, which must not be older than 48 hours, or a negative PCR test, no older than 72 hours on arrival. People travelling to Croatia from the UK are not permitted to do these tests on arrival in Croatia.

The traffic system works like this - green - you don't have to quarantine, amber - take a Covid-19 test three days before arriving to the UK, and red - you must quarantine and take tests. For the fully vaccinated there is now little practical difference between the green and amber lists in terms of travel restrictions (both require a pre-departure test and a PCR test within two days of arrival). So clearly avoiding the UK red list is crucial for Croatian tourism.
So what are the chances that Croatia will be moved to the amber list?

Speaking to Sky News the date expert Tim White thinks it’s likely that Croatia will go amber, “I think, the only person who predicted Croatia would be moved to green a while back, and now many are writing that it's likely to move back to amber. I can agree with that.”

White also questioned the move from green to amber saying that “Let's compare (Croatia) with Germany which is on solid green. Croatia does around 75 percent more testing than Germany yet its infection rate is less than 20 percent higher. Germany has done much better with administering vaccines, so that comes into play and maybe explains why it will stay green while Croatia may go on the amber list.”

And White used the example of Bulgaria to compare to Croatia’s standing, “But what about Bulgaria? It also has the 'full' green traffic light rating and yet COVID-19 rates are 70 percent above Croatia's and vaccines and testing are both lower. So it would be crazy for Croatia to receive a lower classification than Bulgaria.”

The UK’s new travel list is expected tomorrow, and Croatia’s fate as to whether it will remain in the green watch list on go amber.


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