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New Rimac mega campus in pole position

Written by  Aug 18, 2021

Rimac Automobili is starting to build a huge campus in Kerestinec, which with a price tag of 200 million Euros is one of the largest and most expensive investments in the whole of Croatia. Rimac Automobili specialises in electric cars and vehicles and produces the fastest electric car in the world, the Rimac Nevera with a top speed of 258mph.

Mate Rimac, the owner of Rimac Automobili, submitted a notice of the start of the construction of the campus to the Zagreb County, whose competent authorities issued a building permit in July this year for the first phase of the construction of the Rimac production and research and development campus.

“I am glad that the contractor is the company Facies from Strmec (Sveta Nedelja), which is another proof that the concentration of quality companies in the area of our city is truly impressive,” stated the Mayor of the City of Sveta Nedelja, Dario Zurovec.


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