Saturday, 18 September 2021

Croatia in middle of "100 million Euros a day" peak tourist season

Written by  Jul 26, 2021

The Croatian Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Brnjac, said that the period from July 15 to August 15 is crucial for our tourism because it accounts for approximately 35 percent of total tourist traffic and that if we continue to receive tourists and adhere to epidemiological measures, Croatia could see 60 percent of the number of tourists from 2019.

She stressed that the data so far in tourism is extremely good, especially for July, which is 80 percent compared to the record 2019. And stressed the importance of tourism for the Croatian economy by stating that during this peak period the country earns around 100 million Euros a day.

"We currently have 850,000 tourists in Croatia," she said, adding that there have been more than 5.3 million tourist arrivals since the beginning of the year. When we look at overnight stays, she pointed out, that’s roughly 30 million overnight stays.

This means, according to the Minister, that the numbers are very good and if we continue at this pace, we can expect that, if compliance with epidemiological measures continues, we can be at about 60 percent of 2019.

She also stated that the age structure of tourists in Croatia is approximately 30 to 50 years, who rank safety as the most important factor when choosing a destination. She pointed out that five-star hotels and campsites have seen the most amount of guests.


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