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70 percent of new Covid cases in Split-Dalmatia County the Delta strain

Written by  Jul 17, 2021

In the Split-Dalmatia County, a large percentage of the delta strain of Covid-19 is present, in as many as 70 percent of new cases, said Željka Karin, the director of the County Institute for Public Health, at a press conference in front of the Split hospital on Friday.

The whole of Croatia needs to work on the epidemiological situation because health workers are doing everything in their power, said Karin.

"The numbers are growing. Unfortunately, we warned about this when we called for vaccinations, despite the fact that there are resistances and misconceptions about it that are spreading through the media, other communication channels and among people. The only way to reduce and stop the epidemic is a high level of vaccination, she added.

In the Split-Dalmatia County, only 39.8 percent of people have been vaccinated, and in Croatia about 45 percent, said Karin, adding that in that county there is a higher number of patients due to tourists arriving there. She reminded that "the whole of Croatia mostly lives from tourism".

"The numbers of mostly younger age groups are growing. They are spreading the infection to the elderly, so even today, but also yesterday, we have whole families among the newly infected,” said Karin.


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