Monday, 20 September 2021

Zagreb Airport slowly getting back on track and Ryanair should help boost 2021 figures

Written by  Jul 06, 2021

Zagreb's Franjo Tudjman Airport is slowly recording a gradual recovery in traffic after several months of decline, and its growth is expected to accelerate in the summer months, the concessionaire company of the Zagreb International Airport (MZLZ) reported on Monday.

"The peak of growth will come at the very end of the summer season, when the opening of Ryanair's base is expected, with which it will launch most of the planned new lines for 2021 in Zagreb," the MZLZ points out.

In the second quarter of this year, they achieved a 350 percent increase in traffic, when about 220 thousand passengers passed through the airport. However, this increase was based against a year that was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The recovery of traffic was mostly contributed to by the national carrier Croatia Airlines, which gradually returned a large number of flights and destinations in the spring. From July, it will fly from Zagreb to 14 international and five domestic routes and will have more than 150 weekly departures from Zagreb Airport.

A significant contribution to the recovery of traffic at Zagreb Airport is also expected from the company Ryanair, which in June began operating on two routes, from Brussels and Milan.

In the last week of July, Ryanair will base its first aircraft at Zagreb Airport and open three more new routes, and another from August 1, while their second aircraft and the opening of nine new routes are expected at the Zagreb base in early September.


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