Thursday, 16 September 2021
Coronavirus Croatia – 184 new cases of Covid-19 across Croatia in past 24 hours Twitter Vlada

Coronavirus Croatia – 184 new cases of Covid-19 across Croatia in past 24 hours

Written by  Jun 10, 2021

In the last 24 hours, 184 new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Croatia, and the share of newly infected in the number of tested is 3.39 percent, the Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, reported at a Government session on Thursday.

Speaking about the current situation related to coronavirus, Beros said that the number of infected and hospitalized is falling, 482 people are in hospital, and 48 are on ventilators. Hospitals are gradually reducing their capacity to care for Covid patients and adapting to normal activities and work.

Thus, Dubrava Hospital in Zagreb, as the central point for admission and treatment of Covid patients, started operating on Monday in the polyclinic, day hospital and non-invasive diagnostics, and further normalization of work of that clinical hospital is underway, the minister said.

He also reported that 40.8 percent of the adult population in Croatia has been vaccinated against Covid so far, and more than 616,000 citizens with two doses.

Mobile vaccination teams will visit county areas and stay in smaller towns according to an agreed schedule. This approach, the minister pointed out, is oriented towards rural areas, and the idea is to meet the needs of residents of smaller settlements, far from health care institutions, and reach the doorstep.

"The epidemiological picture is getting better, but it must not blind us. Covid-19 emphasizes how interdependent we all are in successfully fighting the virus, how important it is that we all work together to recover as quickly as possible. The vaccine is the only way to strengthen the immunity and collective security of all citizens,” said Beroš.

No one is safe until we are all safe

He once again called on all citizens, who have not yet, to apply for vaccinations. "No one is safe until we are all safe," he said of the pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister, Davor Božinović, stated that we are approaching the expiration of the current measures, and that the Headquarters is intensively preparing a decision on the modality of extending these measures until 1 July. "This is the date when the regulations on digital certification at the EU level are expected to enter into force," Bozinovic reminded.

He also noted that the European Parliament yesterday adopted the regulations on the digital certificate, and reached an agreement according to which the members could not impose additional travel restrictions for the holders of these certificates. The Croatian national system has shown full functionality, more than 110,000 citizens have taken their certificate in just nine days, checks are being carried out at border crossings without difficulties and delays, Bozinovic said.

He also stated that about 10,000 EU Covid certificates issued to citizens of Poland, the Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia and Croatia have been successfully validated so far, thus confirming full interoperability between member states.

The World Health Organization, says Bozinovic, has invited Croatia to present the development, implementation and results of Croatia's national system for issuing EU digital Covid certificates.


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