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Number of Croatian students in UK jumped 227 percent within five years Image by Verbalist from Pixabay

Number of Croatian students in UK jumped 227 percent within five years

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 01, 2021

The United Kingdom has seen a steep increase by 227 percent in the number of Croatian students within five academic years.

360 students from Croatia studied in the UK during the 2014/15 academic year, which number increased to 1,180 in 2019/20, reports.

According to official statistics, during 2019/20, the majority of Croatian students, 1,000, were settled in England, while the remaining 120 in Scotland, and 55 students in Wales.

Gent Ukëhajdaraj from pointed out that one of the main reasons why more Croatian students expressed interest to study in the UK especially when their country joined the European Union in 2013, is because Croatian students could then study in the UK without the need to apply for a study visa first.

“Since Croatia became an EU member in 2013, the number of Croatian students has continuously increased. Statistics show there were only 210 Croatian students in the UK during the 2013/14 academic year, which number rose to 1,125 in 2018/19. Differently, prior to Croatia joining the EU, there weren’t any Croatian students pursuing studies in the UK during the 2012/13 academic year,” Ukëhajdaraj added.



Ukëhajdaraj also said that the costs of studying in the UK for Croatian students could have contributed to this increase as college tuition was more affordable for these students when Croatia became an EU member.

Back in 2019, the Universities Minister Chris Skidmore said that EU students starting a degree in 2020/21 academic year would have guaranteed home fee status and financial support for the duration of their studies in England, meaning that they will pay the same fees as UK students do.

Overseas students in the UK have reported various reasons why they head to the country to pursue higher education.

Quality education and the supportive environment that the UK universities offer as well as the chance to study at some of the oldest universities in the world located in the UK, are just some of the reasons which make the UK a desired study destination for international students.

Another advantage for international students pursuing higher studies in the UK is that the country allows the best international students to remain in the UK and contribute to society through the Graduate Route, which is expected to open for applications in July 2021.

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