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Davor Bozinovic Davor Bozinovic

As Covid-19 numbers continue to drop in Croatia new relaxations are in the pipeline

Written by  May 24, 2021

The Chief of the National Staff, Davor Božinović, after a meeting in the Government, at which the relaxation of measures was discussed, addressed the public and presented which measures are being relaxed. This week the National Staff will present the easing of measures, which could take effect before June 1, reports N1.

Yesterday, a meeting of the Prime Minister and the representatives of the Headquarters was held in the Government, and today a new meeting is being held, in which representatives of the economic sector are also participating.

Given the more favourable epidemiological situation and the number of vaccinated citizens, new relaxations could be introduced. It will be gradual. The new measures will probably be adopted with effect by the middle of June, Bozinovic said, adding that the situation and the dynamics of vaccination will continue to be monitored.

Asked what was the first move, Bozinovic said that the number of people who can be at gatherings would increase to about 100 people, instead of the current 25.

“As far as catering facilities are concerned, at this moment we are closest to opening the closed parts of the restaurant,” said Božinović, adding that it is possible that this will happen on Wednesday. “Measures in restaurants will be those that were valid earlier for interiors, and we may introduce newer technological solutions,” he said.