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IT jobs created in Croatia IT jobs created in Croatia

Indian IT company opens regional headquarters in Croatia

Written by  Sep 15, 2016

A few months ago the world IT giant IBM announced the opening of a delivery centre in Croatia thus providing jobs for at least 500 people. However, Infosys from India, the second largest IT company in the world and the largest exporter of technology services has beaten IBM to the punch and has became the first company in Croatia to open a centre for the delivery and support for its users.

The Indian IT company has located its regional headquarters in Karlovac, where it took on a number of engineers who worked for the French industrial giant Alstom (after it was taken over by the American company General Eletric). Apparently 85 employees from Alstom/GE who worked in the department of gas turbines will work for the Infosys's centre in Croatia.

Apart from Croatia, Infosys has already opened a similar centre in Moscow, Russia. Although Infosys hasn't revealed so far how many people they are planning to employ in Croatia, they have announced that they intend to employ around 180 workers both in Croatia and Russia.

The new delivery centre in Croatia which is intended for the European Union market as well as the new delivery centre in Russia, which is directed towards the market of the Commonwealth of Independent States, will focus on businesses related to aerospace and automotive industry, energy industry, turbo machinery and serve other engineering clients.

"The establishment of centres in Croatia and Russia enables us to tap into a rich pool of engineering talent and bring this to the industrial and manufacturing companies that we work with around the world'', said in a statement Sandeep Dadlani, Global Head-Manufacturing, Retail, CPG and Logistics at Infosys.