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Recording breaking day of vaccines this week in Croatia – 1.8 million to be vaccinated by end of June

Written by  May 02, 2021

In Croatia, 46,887 doses of Covid-19 vaccine were administered on Thursday, according to data from the central register, which is a record number of daily vaccine doses in Croatia, the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ) announced on Friday.

Good organization of teams and places for vaccination, from family doctor's offices throughout the country to county institutes and the Zagreb Institute of Public Health Dr Andrija Štampar, as well as timely information to patients about vaccination dates is a prerequisite for such good vaccination results, stated HZJZ.

A large number of Covid-19 vaccines are expected to arrive in Croatia in May and June and the plan is to vaccinate around 40,000 people a day, and the news that almost 47,000 people were vaccinated in one day gives some confidence that the Croatian health care system will be able to organise this larger roll-out.

By the end of June around 1.8 people should be vaccinated, or as the HZJZ states around 55 percent of the adult population.

"Sufficient vaccines have been provided, and the Croatian Institute of Public Health, as the main holder of the vaccination program against Covid-19 in Croatia, with the wholehearted support of the Ministry of Health and all stakeholders in the health system, has taken all necessary measures to ensure the vaccination process runs smoothly, said the director of HZJZ, Krunoslav Capak.

“Achieving the highest possible level of protection of citizens through vaccination will reduce the spread of Covid-19, which is a prerequisite for preserving human life and health, reducing the hospital load, as well as the success of this year's main tourist season, which has a significant share in the Croatian economy and life,” emphasized HZJZ.