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Fun on the high seas Fun on the high seas

Gay cruising on the Croatian Adriatic a hedonist delight

Written by  Sep 12, 2016

Croatia is a country well known for its natural beauties and stunning coastline of ''a thousand islands'' which attracts more and more tourists each year especially those with ''deeper pockets'' such as yachtsmen.

In the last five-six years there has been a large number of gay men who like to sail the Adriatic and consider Croatia as a gay friendly destination.

Each year more and more young men as well as young women opt for Croatia as their holiday destination on the recommendation of those who already visited our country. They choose Croatia as a supreme holiday destination which offers them peace and quiet, beautiful natural scenery, excellent cuisine, friendly hosts and true freedom in expressing their mutual love while sailing.

''They are great guests who prefer solitude during the day, they like hidden coves to freely enjoy their time with a partner, whilst in the evening they choose top restaurants for enjoyment in our cuisine. They are very demanding guests, but within reasonable limits. No acting, just hedonism'', says an owner of a boat charter company in Croatia.

These guests usually plan their summer holidays in advance; they rent a boat or a yacht and already know which route they will sail in order to take advantage of all the benefits of the Adriatic such as hidden coves and nightlife spots.

''They are extremely tidy, a yacht or a boat is spotless after seven days of their stay. These types of guests like to drink alcohol in large quantities especially all kinds of quality vodka as well as expensive cognac. As far as wines are concerned, they always like to try local brands especially wines on islands they visit. But they always require top products. Everything is top about them even their trained and sculpted bodies!'', says with a smile a lady skipper from Split.