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Easter build-up on Croatian borders expectedly slower with majority of people in transit

By  The Dubrovnik Times Apr 03, 2021

The Easter weekend is upon us and normally at this time of the year there would be long tailbacks at all of the border crossings into Croatia as tourists took advantage of the long weekend holidays. Of course, this Easter is a different story.

"Yesterday, 43,500 people entered Croatia, of which 60 percent were in transit. In 2019, which was a year without an epidemic, a little more than 130,000 people entered on the Friday before Easter,'' said Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic.

Whilst there were a percentage of tourists crossing Croatian borders yesterday before the Easter holidays this was a very small percentage. At one of the busiest border crossings into Croatia, Bregana, around 14,000 people entered the country, and data shows that around 50 percent were people in transit. “Citizens of Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and Turkey who work in a western country and are returning home," commented the assistant chief of PGP Bregana, Marijan Burić, for RTL. He added that “Other passengers are Croatian citizens and foreign citizens who are entering Croatia as tourists. Almost 10 percent of the passengers were Germans.”

And on the control of borders and how people are prepared he commented that “Now, most passengers who cross the border are already familiar with the epidemiological preconditions for crossing the border, so they have a PCR test or this antigen test or certificates of recovery or vaccination in advance."


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