Monday, 19 April 2021
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Croatia must move away from seasonality and turn to products that enable the development of tourism throughout the year – Minister of Tourism

By  Apr 02, 2021

The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Nikolina Brnjac, spoke about the plans for the recovery of the tourism sector for the news network N1.

“The goal is to move towards a green and digital direction, transition. We have allocated the most funds to the department for the diversification of tourism, various special forms of tourism that have shown great resilience and demand. All projects will have to prove the green and digital aspect in order to receive EU funds," said Brnjac.

“We have made two investments, one is in green and digital investments, and the other is strengthening diversification and tourism specifications along with strengthening infrastructure. Croatia must move away from seasonality and turn to products that enable the development of tourism throughout the year. We have countless opportunities now to make that turn," added the minister adding that the government has so far invested over 10 billion Kuna in preserving jobs and will continues to do so.

All Covid-19 vaccines recognised at Croatian borders  

As far as crossing the Croatian border the minister emphasized that Croatia has decided not to differentiate between vaccines when it comes, and that people who have been vaccinated with either the Russian or Chinese vaccine can enter the country. She also brought up the so called “green passport” and stated that a single EU-wide set of criteria for this passport is being worked on. “The goal is for each certificate to be an authentic document that confirms the correctness of vaccination information. It is important for tourism that this system is established as soon as possible. The European Commission proposal includes the acceptance of antigen tests,” added the minister.

Tourism workers to get vaccinated in May 

Croatia will also carry out a mass vaccination of tourism workers in May and the minister said that a few months ago they carried out a survey in which over 70 percent of tourism workers expressed that they wanted to be vaccinated.

"In agreement with the Croatian Institute of Public Health tourist workers would be vaccinated at the beginning of May. It is also an epidemiological measure, as they are in contact with a number of different guests and it will be difficult to track contacts. The first group are those in direct contact with guests, waiters, chefs, etc., all those in the front line," said Brnjac.


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