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Whilst popular European vacation destinations support "green passport" Croatia still on the fence

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Mar 07, 2021

Croatia supports the introduction of a Covid-passport at EU level only if it is not mandatory, reports Jutarnji list on Sunday, citing an anonymous, well-informed source who said that crossing borders without restrictions should be allowed to those who present a test result or vaccination certificate.

After European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced this week that they were considering introducing a "Digital Green Certificate" for easier border crossings, it became clear that a common solution was being sought at the Union level to restart passenger traffic between countries.

The Commission's final proposal on what the certificate should look like and how passengers will use it should be made by March 17, but the story is still full of ambiguities and even a fundamental misunderstanding of what the certificate should represent.

According to Politico, which received access to Ursula von der Leyen's letter on the certificate, the Commission advocates that the certificate not only be proof that passengers have been vaccinated, but also that it shows the results of PCR testing, and confirmation that the passenger is immune to Covid-19 acquired by overcoming the disease.

Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Greece, and Cyprus has already announced that it plans to start allowing vaccinated Britons into the country without any restrictions.

However, some other countries are also inclined to introduce this special green passport and this initiative was welcomed last week by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, while Croatia, although dependent on tourism, has so far only shyly responded to this topic.

As Jutarnji list has learned from a well-informed source, Croatian politics generally supports all efforts that will result in easier border crossings, but only if it will not be discriminatory towards citizens.

Namely, although it is unclear what the certificate should look like, it is currently being discussed that it will actually be an application on a smartphone in which the traveller will have test results, a certificate of vaccination or overcoming the disease.


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