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GORDAN LAUC: ‘40% of Croats had Covid-19, we vaccinate another 20% and the epidemic is over! We no longer need strict measures'

By  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 23, 2021

"There is a lot of interest in vaccination, especially among risk groups. When, in addition to 40 percent of those who have survived Covid-19, when we vaccinate another 20 percent of the population, this epidemic is certainly over and we can slowly begin to forget about it and think about how to return to normal life and get out of the global crisis. I expect that we will have a better situation this summer than last. In the end, Croatia will be among the countries with the lowest number of deaths in Europe with the mildest measures," said the molecular biologist and member of the Government Council for the Fight against the Covid-19 virus, Prof. dr. sc. Gordan Lauc, reports Jutarnji list.

"Another pandemic will come one day, but that is not a reason to stop the planet like we did because of this pandemic. And that happened because we overestimated the danger of the virus in the first place. We thought it would kill ten times more people than it turned out to be,” added Lauc.

He believes that the terraces of restaurants and cafes will be open from March 1, and that some other restrictions, such as those related to sports, will be lifted. He is convinced that an excellent tourist season awaits Croatia. He believes that there is no reason not to allow open-air concerts or club parties like the ones on Zrće soon, reports Jutarnji list.

“Three-quarters of those infected develop antibodies. This is a significant factor that prevents the speed of the spread of the epidemic, because anyone who, like me, got over Covid-19 can no longer become infected as well as spread the virus. If all companies close, the rate of virus spread is reduced by 10 percent, and if a third of people have recovered from Covid-19, the spread is reduced by at least 40 percent. Therefore, today Croatia no longer needs strict measures and we can live normally without fear that the epidemic will spread. Unless something completely unexpected happens, we can no longer have a large increase in the number of infected people. The slight growth we see in recent days may happen to us. We fell the most of all in Europe, from last to practically first place in the number of newly infected people. The reason for that is the large number of people who overcame Covid-19 and acquired immunity, and we are lucky that the winter was not cold,” explains Lauc.


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