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Café bar terraces could re-open from next Monday across Croatia Image by

Café bar terraces could re-open from next Monday across Croatia

By  The Dubrovnik Times Feb 22, 2021

In exactly one week further easing of the Covid-19 measures across Croatia is expected. The easing of measures is likely because the number of newly infected people is slowly decreasing on a weekly basis, although Croatia saw an increase in two days last week compared to the same days a week earlier.

Unless there is a significant deterioration in the coming days Covid-19 measures across the country could well be eased from March 1.

Marija Bubaš, the Deputy Head of the Croatian Institute of Public Health announced some of the possible concessions.

“The situation is more favourable than two months ago, there are fewer new infections, fewer people on ventilators and fewer people in hospital. But each step should be gradual, it should be evaluated so that we know where to stop and how to move forward. If there are to be concessions they should be re-evaluated after two to three weeks in order to start either a new concession or a retreat," said Marija Bubaš.

The new moves were announced at a government session last Thursday by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković.

"We believe that the easing of measures is appropriate. I want to tell everyone that, if the situation is good, we will continue to ease measures, maybe as early as March 1," said Plenković.

And what is it likely to be eased is the re-opening of terraces for café bars next Monday.

Once the terraces are opened, guests will most likely not be able to enter the interiors of cafes and restaurants, except perhaps for the use of toilets, to prevent the indoor parts of cafes and restaurants from being used and served there.


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