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The highest and lowest paid jobs in Croatia

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 30, 2021

Looking to be a highflying earner in Croatia, how about a career as a flight controller? The Covid-19 pandemic certainly slowed down the economic growth of Croatia, however according to latest data the average salary across the country actually rose in 2020.

According to the MojaPlaća website during the pandemic year the average monthly net salary (including salary supplements) in Croatia amounted to 6,712 Kuna, which is 4 percent higher than in 2019.

Apart from managerial occupations, where salaries are on average 122 percent higher than the average and range around 14,900 Kuna, the highest paid workers in Croatia are flight controllers whose monthly income reaches a sky-scraping 26,260 Kuna followed by pilots with an average salary of around 14,950 Kuna.

Textile workers have the lowest average salaries, especially seamstresses who receive 3,780 Kuna monthly, tailors with 3,870 Kuna and shoemakers with 3,910 Kuna.

Jobs with the highest paid salaries are –

Flight controller 24,367

Leasing manager 18,529

Lead developer 16.753

General Manager 16,664

Pilot 16,516

IT manager 16,395

Director of IT Affairs 16,112

Head of Finance and Accounting 15,863

Regional Director 15,340

Branch manager 14,849

Sales Director 14,771

Sales and Marketing Director 14,688

Director of Finance / Finance and Accounting 14,673

Logistics Director 14,667

Executive Director 14,221

Branch director 13,985

Product owner 13,848

DevOps engineer 13,820

Production Director 13,794

IT architect 13,735

Jobs with the lowest average salaries according to MojaPlaća

Seamstresses 3,650 Kuna

Nanny 3,883

Cleaner 3,885

Textile technician 3,88

Tailor 3,943

Unskilled worker 3,993

Hairdresser 4,051

Pedicure 4,056

Shoemaker 4,111

Lifeguard, swimming instructor 4,235

Receptionist 4,254

Funeral service worker 4,315

Security guard 4,321

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