Monday, 01 March 2021
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Croatia weighing up easing Covid-19 restrictions as situation improves

By  Jan 24, 2021

Next week, a decision will be made on the possible easing of epidemiological measures, the opening of sports halls and gyms, and the possibility of live classes for upper elementary school students, confirmed on Sunday the Minister of Health, Vili Beroš.

The current Covid-19 measures are in force until January 31, and the possible concession was discussed today at an interdepartmental meeting of members of the Government, epidemiologists and the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

It was assessed that the epidemiological situation in Croatia is extremely satisfactory, which allows thinking about some relaxation, said the Minister Beroš after the meeting.

However, he pointed out that the concession will only occur if a new variant of the coronavirus does not appear in Croatia.

As part of the possible easing of measures, Beroš confirmed that they are discussing the return of upper elementary school students to school, that sports activities should be brought to the forefront and gyms should be opened, and that efforts will be made to harmonize measures for caterers.

"We will adopt measures that will be appropriate to the moment, the epidemiological situation in Europe and Croatia, and the fact that there are some new variants of the virus around us," he said.

At the meeting, he says, there was also talk of a disorder with coronavirus vaccination, because vaccine manufacturers did not abide by the signed contracts that defined the dynamics and quantity of delivery. It was agreed that Croatia, both within the EU, will once again ask the authorities to talk to vaccine manufacturers, and find a way to realize the previously agreed deliveries.

Beroš also added that a number of European countries are closing due to the fear of new variants of the virus, and said that all this will be taken into account when adopting new measures next week.


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