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Tourism season in Croatia can expect recovery in the second quarter of 2021 Shutterstock

Tourism season in Croatia can expect recovery in the second quarter of 2021

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 12, 2021

The German government is not counting on the normalization of the tourism market before the summer, said the German government's commissioner for tourism Thomas Bareiss in an interview with German media yesterday, adding that he believes that in the next two to three months travel will be difficult to imagine.

Bareiss expects that the tourist market will begin to recover in the second quarter and fully revive by the summer, which means that Croatia cannot expect a recovery from the German market for Easter. He adds that the situation is expected to improve after Easter, and tourism to be completely revived in the summer, Jutarnji list reports.

“If we really manage to vaccinate most citizens in the second quarter, we will have a relatively safe situation when it comes to travel,” Bareiss said.


The Croatian tourism sector assessed the calculations of the German Commissioner for Tourism as positive. They already prepared that the start of the pre-season will be worse due to the epidemiological situation throughout Europe. Also this year and Easter is earlier than usual.

The Croatian Minister of Tourism, Nikolina Brnjac, said that Croatia had begun preparations for the season and that they were in contact with representatives of the tourism sector and economic entities in Germany.

"The basic message at all meetings is that the health and safety of all of us must come first. Although it is difficult to assess when the epidemiological situation will normalize, it is certain that with the arrival of vaccines we enter a new stage in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A sufficient level of vaccination will certainly affect the perception of all tourist destinations this year, including Croatia," said Brnjac.

"Personally, I hope for the highest possible level of vaccinations, both in Croatia and in our emitting markets, because it will bring us the normalization of tourist traffic," the Minister noted.

"I think the statement that the tourism market will start recovering in the second quarter is good news for us. How long the preseason will be depends on a lot of factors. It should be better than last year when it didn't even exist. Objectively, Easter falls very early, every night is precious, especially in this situation, we should be realistic and expect good numbers from the second half of May onwards," said the president of the Croatian Tourism Association Veljko Ostojic.


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