Thursday, 28 October 2021
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A quarter of the Croatian population could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by end of March

Written by  Jan 12, 2021

Croatian Health Minister, Vili Beroš, said there was no easing of Covid-19 measures, adding that the epidemiological situation was better and the pressure on the health system was diminishing.

"I want to believe that this is the result of the responsibility of the citizens, but it also shows the full meaning of our measures. We must not do anything that would jeopardize these positive trends, especially if we look at the events in surrounding countries,” said Beroš.

When asked how satisfied he was with the vaccination process in Croatia, he said that the Government of the Republic of Croatia had done everything possible to both order and distribute the vaccine.

"There is a lot of interest, and more vaccines are needed. Citizens have given their faith to science, profession, medicine. We need to reach a vaccination rate of more than 70 percent, and I believe we will achieve that. Every week 17,550 doses of Pfizer vaccine arrive, 264,000 doses by the end of March. Moderna's vaccine is coming, a total of 52,000 doses by the end of February, the good news is that AstraZeneca has made progress in the process and the EMA will soon approve the vaccine on January 29. It is realistically possible to vaccinate a million citizens by the end of March," says Beroš.

Beros said private health workers will be vaccinated in late January, early February. The priority in vaccination, he reiterated, are people in elderly homes, employees of the social welfare system and medical workers. In the second phase, chronic patients older than 65 will be vaccinated, and those younger than 65 will be vaccinated at the end of February, at the beginning of March, depending on the dynamics of vaccine delivery.


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