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The interior of Croatia is just as stunning as the coastline The interior of Croatia is just as stunning as the coastline

Croatia is so much more than the Adriatic Sea

Written by  Aug 30, 2016

The Croatian Tourist Board has published an analysis of the tourist traffic in the continental part of Croatia which, in terms of tourism, encompasses clusters of Slavonia, central Croatia, the Lika-Karlovac region and the city of Zagreb.

According to data of the eVisitor system, so far this year these four clusters have accounted for 14.6 percent in tourist arrivals and 7.1 percent in overnight stays in the total national tourism traffic.

The biggest tourism traffic has been recorded in the Lika-Karlovac cluster which accounts for 6 percent in the total national tourist arrivals and around 4 percent in the total national overnights. The city of Zagreb placed as the 2nd with a share of 5.7 percent in the total national arrivals and 1.84 percent in the total overnight stays. On the other hand, the clusters of Central Croatia and Slavonia have less effective results.

stunning slavonia

Stunning Slavonia 

''Green or continental Croatia encompasses 12 counties and the city of Zagreb which do not have direct access to the Adriatic Sea. In terms of tourism, this area was divided into marketing clusters of Slavonia, Central Croatia, Lika-Karlovac and Zagreb by the Strategic marketing plan of the Croatian tourism industry. Certainly, these clusters have great potential for further development of tourism in Croatia which is still predominantly recognized as a ''sun and sea'' destination.

Numerous promotional activities that have been carried out by the Croatian Tourist Board tend to change such perception i.e. our goal is to present Croatia as a tourist destination which has much to offer throughout the whole country. The tourism results on the continent are getting better every year and I'm sure that this positive trend will continue and that more tourists will recognize quality tourist offer of our continent'', said Ratomir Ivcic, the director of the Croatian Tourist Board.

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