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Swinging into tourism Swinging into tourism

Sex tourism in Croatia swinging forward

Written by  Aug 29, 2016

Although Croatia is highly positioned on the map of Europe as a sex-tourist destination, still little is known about that.

Swingers are no different from other tourists who spend their money in restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops etc. But apart from shopping they want to spend a certain part of the day in a slightly different way, for some people even an obnoxious way.

The Adriatic coast is a real paradise for swingers who are open-minded and for all other lovers of sexual freedom. Many hidden bays, from Istria to Prevlaka, are ideal spots for these freeminders who want to spend their vacation in a way they live their everyday lives.

Among many Adriatic beaches one particularly stands out that raised a real storm in public. For many years the smooth rocks on the Cape Punta Kriza near Rovinj have been ''crime scene'' for all lovers of swinging and those who like to spice up their vacation with completely free behaviour. Despite the multilingual boards that were set up by the city of Rovinj a few years ago such as ''Attention! This is a public beach. Every behaviour that can hurt moral feelings of citizens, sexual exhibitionism, lewd behaviour etc. are forbidden'' and despite introducing stewardess service in order to maintain proper behaviour, the beach Punta Kriza is still classified as a real swinger paradise which stands out on all forums and websites dedicated to this group of tourists.

The beach which can be reached through a beautiful pine forest ''appeared'' some twenty years ago when people tried to find salvation from the teeming city streets and crowded beaches in order to enjoy love making. Therefore, it's no wonder if you come across numerous couples who have sex or orgies in the broad daylight in front of those whose fetish is - watching.

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