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Croatian citizens now need negative PCR test to enter the country CROPIX

Croatian citizens now need negative PCR test to enter the country

By  Dec 02, 2020

Damir Trut, the Deputy of Davor Božinović, the Chief of the National Staff, was a guest on HRT television and he answered questions on the state of the Covid-19 pandemic in Croatia. He started by announcing that now Croatian citizens also need a negative PCR test to enter Croatia which is not older than 48 hours.

Majority of population adhering to new Covid-19 measures 

Commenting on the new measures that the government recently put in place to slow down the spread of Covid-19 in Croatia, and after the number of new cases rose significantly Trut said that “My objective opinion is that the situation is good, orderly in terms of compliance with the new measures. The vast majority of our population is adhering to the measures.”

Yesterday the government announced that the penalty for not wearing a face mask where required is 500 Kuna. You’ll also be fined 500 Kuna if you wear your face mask under your nose.

111,000 Covid-19 inspections in 8 months 

And when asked if there had been many violations of the Covid-19 measures across the country since the outbreak began he answered “In eight months, the inspectors made 111,000 inspections, that's a really relevant number and they issued a hundred or so misdemeanour warrants. Violations will always happen, but the inspectors have been warning people first. The vast majority of people correct the mistake immediately, but if it happens repeatedly, then there is punishment, said Trut.

Stricter rules for shopping centres across Croatia 

He also commented on the crowds in shopping malls on Black Friday, primarily in the hallways of shopping malls.

"On Friday, these new regulations were not valid yet, however some other frameworks were valid. Since Saturday, the civil protection units have been in shopping malls, we have given a priority order to visit shopping malls, to talk to shopping mall and store operators, to make procedures and protocols. Now you can see that in front of the entrance to the shopping centre there is a security guard who counts the number of people entering and exiting and in some way organizes so that there are not too many people inside,” commented Trut.

He reiterated that there can be a maximum of 25 people in churches, regardless of the size of the church. And warned that 25 meant people inside the church. "It's inside the church. If they're outside, it doesn't count as church space," he said.


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