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Cafés and restaurants restricted to delivery only in new Covid-19 measures in Croatia

By  Nov 26, 2020

From the 28th of November to the 21st of December new Covid-19 measures will be in effect across Croatia. The new restrictions and regulations were announced today by the Prime Minister, Andrej Plenkovic.

"Unfortunately, the number of daily infected people today exceeded 4,000, and that is why today we will present a new package of measures to combat the spread of the infection," Plenković emphasized.

One measure that was predicted to be put into place was the closure of cafés, bars and restaurants across the country, and from Friday at midnight this regulation will be active. Cafés and restaurants will only be allowed to deliver food until the 21st of December.

Clearly the date of the 21st of December is a message that if the Covid-19 situation is better Christmas can be celebrated, with all recommended measures.


"After the number of infected people halved, it started to grow at a high rate again. I called on everyone to protect each other through responsible behaviour because hard days are coming. then the numbers doubled every week,” commented Plenkovic before running through all the new measures.

Whereas many other European countries have gone into complete lockdown Croatia is still trying to avoid this step.

"This virus is far from harmless. One in 58 infected people will unfortunately die, it is similar everywhere in the world,” concluded the Prime Minister before reading through the new restrictions.

He called for socializing to be postponed, for rooms to be ventilated, for masks to be worn, for four aspects to be taken into account - implementation of measures, expansion of the testing cycle, maintenance of the health system and effective preparation for vaccine distribution.

The new measures that will be in force from the 28th of November until the 21st of December are -

- ban on public events with more than 25 people

- a maximum of ten people allowed at private gatherings

- mandatory use of masks outdoors when it is not possible to keep a distance

- public gatherings can last up to 22 hours

- weddings are suspended

- there can be a maximum of 25 people at funerals

- obligation of tenants, employers, etc. regular disinfection of surfaces

- 4 square meters of space must be provided for everyone at gatherings

- maximum occupancy 40% in public transport

- drivers and passengers are required to have masks in public transport

- at the entrance to the shops, a notice must be displayed about the largest number of customers in the area

- limitation of working hours for shops selling bakery products until 10 pm

- ban on the sale of alcohol from 10 pm to 6 am

- casinos and bookmakers are suspended

- fairs are suspended

- restaurants and cafes are closed (except in hotel facilities)

- catering facilities are allowed to prepare and deliver food

- sports competitions and trainings are suspended with some exceptions

- competitions and training without spectators

- the work of gyms and sports centers is suspended

- amateur cultural events are suspended

- performances of complex musical and stage works are suspended

- children's and dance workshops are suspended

- a ban on the consumption of food and drink in cinemas and theaters

- foreign language schools can only operate online

- driving schools - the theoretical part of teaching exclusively online

- Holy Mass whenever possible via radio and TV programs, a maximum of 25 people in churches

- ban on coming to work with a fever

- introduction of sliding working hours, organization of work in groups

"All these measures will be in force until at least the 21st of December. If the number of newly infected people goes down by then, we can consider abolishing some of the measures. Otherwise, they will remain in force," Plenkovic added.


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