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New stricter Covid-19 measures to come into effect in Croatia from midnight on Friday

By  Nov 26, 2020

Croatia saw the worst day for new Covid-19 cases over the past 24 hours with 4,009 new cases reported. And this afternoon the Croatian government will announce new Covid-19 regulations as part of a tightening of measures to slow down the spread of the virus. The government is currently meeting and the measures are expected to be announced at 2:00pm today.

It would appear that the new measures will include cafes, bars and restaurants with many news outlets reporting that they will be completely closed. There are three options that the government is discussing – the further shorting of working hours, to allow only tables on terraces to close catering business completely. It seems likely that the third option of total closure is the most likely. These new measures are planned to come into effect from midnight on Friday. Restaurants will only be allowed to deliver food if third option is taken and not to serve to guests indoors or outside on terraces.

Schools will, for now, remain according to the so-called county model, the decision will therefore be made at the various county headquarters.

Weddings are likely to be forbidden completely, as well as fairs and events being suspended.

Speculation suggests that public city transport, intercity, inter-county, but also rail transport will function up to 40 percent occupancy, with the wearing of protective masks.

Masses could be allowed to continue in churches, but with a limited number of participants, reports N1.

Cinemas, theaters, museums and galleries are likely to be allowed to remain open, but with a limited number of visitors, depending on the size of the space.

The measures take effect at midnight on Friday, will be in force until before Christmas, but may be extended, depending on the epidemiological situation.


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