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Qatar Airways to increase traffic on the route to Zagreb in December

By  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 25, 2020

Qatar Airways, the national carrier of Qatar, will increase the number of weekly flights on the Doha-Zagreb route in December – Croatian Aviation reports.

Qatar Airways currently operates on the Doha - Zagreb - Doha route only once a week, every Friday, on A320 aircraft. These are drastically fewer weekly flights as a direct result of weak demand caused by the global pandemic.

Last summer, Qatar Airways operated on this route 14 times a week, and this summer the route to Dubrovnik was supposed to start, according to Croatian Aviation.

Qatar Airways cut off traffic to Zagreb at the time of the burst of pandemic and the company returned to this route on July 1st with a three-week flight. Due to low demand, flights were suspended during the summer season for a period of two weeks, in August and September. Qatar has since stayed on one flight a week to Zagreb.

As Croatian Aviation writes, the company will briefly, in December, increase the number of weekly flights on this route. In addition to the flight on Friday, the flight on Wednesdays is reintroduced.


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