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Limited edition golden Kuna goes on sale for over 4,500 Kuna HNB

Limited edition golden Kuna goes on sale for over 4,500 Kuna

By  Nov 25, 2020

The Croatian National Bank announced on Tuesday that it had issued a new commemorative coin, the Golden Kuna. The limited edition gold one-kuna coin will have a varying price depending on the price of gold on the market, however the price today is around 4,568 Kuna.

The artistic design of the face and reverse of the new gold coin is identical to the circulating one-kuna coin. The gold coin has a nominal value of one kuna, and only 2,020 coins will actually be issued, according to a publication on the website of the Croatian National Bank (CNB).

The author of the conceptual and artistic design of the new commemorative coin is the academic sculptor Kuzma Kovačić, and it was minted at the Croatian Monetary Institute. The sale of the commemorative gold coin will be performed by the Croatian Monetary Institute, and the initial selling price is expected to be around 4,568 Kuna, with the price depending on the movement of the price of gold on the open market, the CNB points out.


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