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Croatian health care system far from collapse – Minister of Health

By  Nov 23, 2020

The numbers of new Covid-19 cases are steadily rising and new measures have been introduced in an attempt to combat the second wave.

The Croatian Minister of Health, Vili Beroš, who himself is currently in self-isolation commented on the current situation of Covid-19 across the country for N1. He also commented on the situation in the health care system across Croatia and whether he thought hospitals could handle the increase of patients.

“In KBC Split, the occupancy rate is 28 percent, in Rijeka 16 percent, in Dubrava (in Zagreb) 83 percent, and new institutions are being prepared. We are far from seeing the health care system collapse,” commented Beroš.

He added that “In the spring we stressed that a new wave was coming, we adjusted the health care system, but the virus still spread. Of those infected, 7 to 8 percent are admitted to hospitals. From the first day, the headquarters has been focused on a solution and is working for the benefit of our citizens.”


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