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Krunoslav Capak Krunoslav Capak

Online classes are out of the question at the moment – Capak

By  Nov 23, 2020

The director of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, commented for Nova TV about the National Staff's plan if the numbers of new cases do not start falling after the measures are tightened.

"We have taken a strategy to continuously discuss measures. If we spot a source or hotspots we react immediately and measures are taken at the national level, but with the possibility of county headquarters and local headquarters adopting stricter measures at their location according to their situation," Capak said.

He claimed that the new measures did not education.

"Online classes are not decided by the Headquarters. If there is a need, it is discussed with the relevant departments," Capak said, adding that the Headquarters is against closing schools unless there is an urgent need.

“Online teaching is out of the question at the moment,” Capak said.


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