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New Covid-19 restrictions putting restaurants in jeopardy – states HOK

By  The Dubrovnik Times Nov 20, 2020

The Guild of Caterers and Tourist Employees of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK) said on Friday that they are aware of the threat of coronavirus, so all epidemiological measures are strictly respected in restaurants, but further restriction of working hours further jeopardizes their business.

The HOK Guild reacted to the new measures on additional limitation of working hours of catering facilities to 22 hours (from the previous 24 hours) and the ban on work in certain facilities and counties.

"Croatian caterers have fully adapted their business to the conditions of the pandemic, respecting the measures of physical distancing of people and a high level of hygiene. They did everything to protect their guests and employees and created spaces with controlled conditions. Any further restriction of work or closure of restaurants, an unorganized gathering of people is encouraged, which is much more dangerous because it is held in uncontrolled conditions," warned the president of that Guild, Joso Smolić.

He cites an example from a German study on the locations and likelihood of infection in Spain, which showed that only 3 percent of people became infected with coronavirus in restaurants, and a similar trend is, as he says, in Croatia.

Consequently, he believes that the restriction of work in any segment, and due to the operating costs that arise, require the continuation of measures to help the sector after January 1, 2021 and an appropriate model of financial compensation.

"This especially refers to those whose work is completely banned, and we will send a request to the Croatian Government for compensation for the damage resulting from such a decision," announced Smolić.


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