Tuesday, 01 December 2020

Ryanair drastically cuts back flight connections to Croatia for summer 2021 – 15 lines dropped

By  Nov 18, 2020

The most popular low-cost airline in the world, Ryanair, has drastically cut back flight connections to Croatia in its summer 2021 flight schedule. According to a report in Croatian Aviation the Irish carrier has completely dropped 15 flight connections to some many Croatian Adriatic destinations, with Split, Pula, Rijeka and Zadar all suffering.

Ryanair had Berlin-Pula and Vienna-Split routes on sale until the beginning of November, but they have been withdrawn from sale and it is currently not possible to buy tickets on these well-known Irish airlines for the summer flight schedule next year.
The company currently offers only one line to Rijeka Airport for the summer of 2021. This is the Frankfurt Hahn - Rijeka line, which also operated this summer season. In 2019, this airline operated from Frankfurt's main airport to Rijeka, which was a far better option for passengers than Hahn, 115 kilometres away.

There are currently no lines from London and Brussels to Rijeka on sale for the next summer season, while the long-standing line Stockholm - Rijeka was cancelled earlier.

Zadar Airport has seen a total of 11 international connections cut in the summer 2021 flight schedule. This cuts include - Aarhus - Zadar, Hamburg - Zadar, Maastricht - Zadar, Bremen - Zadar, Toulouse - Zadar, Riga - Zadar, Kaunas - Zadar, Liverpool - Zadar, Cork - Zadar, Dublin – Zadar and London - Zadar.

Most of these routes were supposed to start operating in the summer flight schedule this year but this did not happen for obvious reasons. Ryanair obviously has no plans to base aircraft in Zadar next year. It is even more surprising that there are no flights from Dublin and London to Zadar, these two lines did not operate this summer either, and in previous years this company had an excellent occupancy on these lines and ticket prices were often high, especially in the peak season.


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