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Real estate prices across Croatia resilient to Covid-19 pandemic – Dubrovnik sees slight fall

Written by  Nov 17, 2020

Real estate prices across Croatia have yet to feel the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic with the asking price in the many Croatian cities slightly higher than 2019. The economic slowdown that caused chaos in the travel and tourism industry has yet to have any negative impact on the price of real estate.

According to a survey by the website Njuškalo the asking prices of real estate across the country was 6.6 percent higher in October this year compared to the same month from last year.

The capital seems resilient to both the pandemic and earthquake that struck earlier in the year, with the average asking price of an apartment in Zagreb 2147 Euros per metre squared. If this price is compared to the January price, when it was 2101 Euros, it can be seen that prices are steadily rising. House prices in Zagreb are on average 1357 Euros, which is 34 Euros more than the asking price in January.

Croatia’s second city, Split, was higher property prices than the capital, even though the gap is slowly closing. In October this year the average asking price of an apartment was 3016 Euros per metre squared.

Dubrovnik still has the most expensive real estate in Croatia, even though prices dropped slightly. In January the average asking price of a house was 4,433 Euros, whilst in October this had dropped to 4090 Euros. Whilst apartment prices in Dubrovnik were 3792 Euros in January and 3677 in October.


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