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Almost 25,000 new companies founded in Croatia in 2019 Pixabay

Almost 25,000 new companies founded in Croatia in 2019

By  Nov 07, 2020

According to provisional data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 24,592 companies were established in Croatia last year, the number of companies that closed is still unknown, reports HINA.

The companies founded in 2019 had a total of 41,212 employees. The ratio of start-ups to the number of employees shows that in 2019, start-ups had an average of 1.7 employees. In the total number of company establishments in 2019, the activities with the largest share were professional, scientific and technical activities (4,119 established), construction (3,171) and trade (2,913). Last year, 2,644 companies were started in catering and tourism, 2,158 in information and communications, and 1,997 in transport and storage.

A year earlier, in 2018, 16,667 companies were founded and 12,160 closed down. In the total number of closed companies in 2018 (data for 2019 are not yet known), the largest share belonged to companies in trade, of which 2,777 were closed and had a total of 4,000 employees. They are followed by companies in the activities of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving (2,365, with 5,127 employees) and construction (1,367, 2,148 employees).


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