Monday, 30 November 2020
Croatians move to the country and snap up real estate in Lika for 20,000 Euros Shutterstock

Croatians move to the country and snap up real estate in Lika for 20,000 Euros

By  Oct 24, 2020

Fancy a place in the country, like really in the country, for a budget that won’t break the back, Croatia has an answer. The Covid-19 pandemic might well be bad for the real estate business in Croatia, but for one region it has proved to be a kick-start. Whereas property prices along the Dalmatian coastline or even in the rolling hills around Zagreb will make a massive dent in your bank balance the central region of Croatia has homes on offer for 20,000 Euros!

When it comes to buying real estate, Lika has become fashionable, and there has been huge interest in the last few months. Property buyers are on the lookout for older homes, rural properties, construction land and homes that generally need renovation. And with prices some of the lowest in Croatia, even though the region is very much central, more and more investors are turning to Lika, reports Slobodna Dalmacija.

''I think I'm the only man in the world who wants the Covid-19 to continue for another five years. Because since the pandemic started business in my real estate agency, the only one left in Lika, has gone crazy,” commented Ivan Bižanović, owner of the Lika nekretnine agency.

And for good reason. Lika is not only one of the greenest and most picturesque parts of Croatia, it is also ideally located in the heart of the country and offers real estate at incredible prices. If you want a property away from the rest of the world, at least until the pandemic dies down, then Lika is a good bet.

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Green Lika countryside drawing buyers from Dalmatia and Zagreb - Photo Shutterstock 

In the last few Covid-19 months in my agency alone we have completed about 80 sales. Dalmatians are buying agricultural land en masse, they are attracted by the extremely low prices,” added Ivan Bižanović.

In addition to cheap land, as well as houses for renovation, which can be found for as little as twenty thousand euros, the increased fear of Covid-19 has led people to invest in the country, in the production of their food.

And it isn’t only Dalmatians that are snapping up bargains in Lika. A combination of the recent devastating earthquake and the continuing Covid-19 pandemic many people from Zagreb are also turning to Lika. For a couple of hundred thousand Kunas they have quickly become the owners of beautiful homes up in the mountains with an abundance of green, fertile land around them.


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