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Covid-19 map of Europe turns red with only Norway in the green ECDC

Covid-19 map of Europe turns red with only Norway in the green

By  Oct 23, 2020

Italy and Austria have joined the growing map of the epidemiological situation in Europe, which is prepared every week by the European Center for Control and Prevention as a recommendation for harmonizing measures among EU member states.

The map prepared by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) covers 27 countries of the European Union, Great Britain and members of the European Economic Area such as Norway and Iceland, a total of thirty countries.

"Infection rates, hospital occupancy but also mortality are rising across Europe," ECDC director Andrea Ammon warned in an interview with the BBC on Thursday, calling for the launch of mass testing and contact monitoring.

The map, decided by the EU in early October, should allow for better harmonization of recommendations.

Updated every Thursday, the map has two main criteria for classifying countries: the rate of new cases per 100,000 population over the past 14 days and the rate of positive tests, depending on whether they are either higher or lower than 4 percent.

In the new version from Thursday, only one country is mostly green, and that is Norway, but without the Oslo region which is in the orange zone.

Finland and Greece, mostly green last week, are now mostly in orange, with Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus and the three Baltic states retaining the same status.

All other countries, including France, Spain, Poland, Romania and Portugal, are in the red zone. Italy and Austria, which have been in orange so far, have moved to the red zone.

Austria recorded a record 2,435 new infections in 24 hours on Thursday.


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