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English teacher finds simple solution to every female driver’s concern

Written by  Aug 20, 2016

A new innovative product from Croatia is conquering the world market. It is a unique product that protects women's shoe heels while driving.

A right shoe heel that manoeuvres between the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal, eventually or immediately, will get scratched against a rubber car carpet usually full of sand or small pebbles. Due to this problem many women drivers often drive in old shoes.

However, Andelka Toto-Ormuz has come up with a solution. A PR expert and an English teacher from Zagreb who until a few years ago, had no “relations” with the design profession, just wanted to protect her shoes while driving. With a number of experts she managed to develop the ''na5u'', a very simple protector that can be easily and quickly put on the right shoe heel. The outer part of the product was made from a special plastic material, whilst the inner part was made of leather.

Even though this product has been on the market for a little more than a year now, it has already been recognized abroad. The “na5u” is available in 60 stores all over Croatia at the price of 79 Kunas and at 9.90 Euros in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.

According to the Croatian newspaper “Novi List” the shoe heel protector ''na5u'' also known on the foreign market as the''4shu'', will soon be available on the US market, as a protected product, as it is on the European market.

shoe protector

''The idea came to me completely spontaneously; after I had realised that all my shoe heels were scratched and damaged from driving a car. However, I couldn't find any adequate solution on the market at the time. Then I decided to make something on my own, naively believing that it would take me 15 to 20 days to design and develop my idea. It took me two years and became a real project which included 42 people such as engineers, technologists, designers, lawyers, medicals...'', explained Andelka.

Even though at first glance this product seems pretty simple, it is not. It complies with a number of parameters –it protects all shoe heels regardless of the type of shoe or heel height, it does not distract drivers while driving, and it also looks nice. ''As it is used only while driving a car, the safety of road traffic and its users was our first priority so we approached this project seriously and took all parameters into consideration'', said Andelka Toto-Ormuz, whose little company is based in Rakitje near Zagreb.

The plastic material for the ''na5u'' or ''4shu'' is manufactured by a company from Zagreb, whilst the leather parts are produced in Varazdin. The final result is a successful product completely ''Made in Croatia.''

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