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Zagreb Airport certified as a safe airport in the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic

By  The Dubrovnik Times Oct 16, 2020

Zagreb International Airport has successfully passed the accreditation program for the establishment of health security measures in the conditions of COVID-19 at airports, developed by the Airports Council International (ACI World) – reports.

This is a process of examining the conditions and organization for the safe use of airport space, prescribed in accordance with the recommended health measures set out in the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery Guidelines. The program is designed to identify and demonstrate the fact that airports are safe places to stay when traveling, and to take precautions to reduce any risk to passenger health.

The program was developed according to the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO Aviation Recovery Task Force Recommendations), and in accordance with the best examples from the industry.

As writes, in the evaluation procedure of all submitted evidence, Zagreb International Airport proved that it provides conditions for safe travel to all users, and received a Certificate: AIRPORT HEALTH ACCREDITATION, for the next 12 months.

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