Tuesday, 16 October 2018


It was an emotional Sunday for me. It was my 36th birthday and I watched tens of thousands of people cry on TV – not because I'm getting older, but…
Through no fault of my own, but thanks to an exploding clutch in my car, I have been forced onto public transport for the past week. Being without my car…
Plenty, believe me. I know as I’ve been around during months as awkward as March or December, when rain and bad weather is not as uncommon as now, on the…
Whilst the World Wide Web brings a multitude of possibilities it also brings with it a playground for abuse. We saw the power of the negative side of the internet…
Last week I got to see a very interesting documentary film about the problems facing three European historical cities and important travel destinations of the Mediterranean – Dubrovnik, Barcelona and…
What do Dubrovnik and a desolate piece of Australian coastline have in common? Well, they are both heritage listed. But more interestingly they were also home to Croatian cannibals. Yes…
I had a half an hour free and I found myself in the old city. Although I am relatively regularly in the city I can’t remember the last time I…
Mostly cloudy



Mostly cloudy
Humidity: 69%
Wind: N at 6.44 km/h
Partly cloudy
17°C / 23°C
Mostly sunny
17°C / 23°C
Mostly sunny
16°C / 24°C
Mostly sunny
17°C / 24°C

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