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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


According to studies, the trading possibilities and features made available by an internet-based trading forum significantly influence an investor's overall performance. When the functions are in abundance and up to date, a client's chances of success are significantly better as compared to when the features are insufficient and obsolete. As a result, most customers prefer brokerage firms that offer a wide range of trading capabilities, such as TradeSparkle, to assist them in their financial endeavours. 


More information about this unique broker may be found in this TradeSparkle review. The Company has established the groundwork for a diverse investment portfolio for its clients. Always remember that certain assets will always be prioritized above others, regardless of the scenario. All brokerage businesses would provide these in order to attract customers to do business with them.


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On the other hand, having investments that aren't well known is crucial since it helps clients to diversify their trading portfolios. Putting all your resources into one asset is never wise because if that resource fails, all of your money will be gone! And that might get you in a lot of trouble.


What exactly is TradeSparkle?


TradeSparkle is a top broker in the market, offering a diverse selection of assets and platforms. They provide generous trading terms as well as security and peace of mind. They are committed to providing investors and traders with an empowering experience. Their products and services are consistent and always have their client's best interests in mind. 


Furthermore, their personal service is unrivalled, and they adhere to the highest ethical standards.


Their multilingual support lines are available 24 hours a day, and trading professionals of all levels are drawn to their wide selection of platforms and services. Their extensive offering comprises a comprehensive variety of trading instruments for Forex, equities, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and indices.


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The broker has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and employs knowledgeable and skilled individuals, accessible 24/5 to answer any queries you may have.


What is the forex market?


The foreign currency market is open daily except for weekends and other holidays. This means you can exchange currencies at any time of the day. The foreign exchange market is more than simply a giant store. There are several routes that investors may take in order to trade Forex. Investors might go through dealers or financial centres employing various technological networks.


There is no forex trading on stock exchanges or commodity exchanges. It occurs instead between two parties in an over-the-counter market. The currency market is administered by banks all across the world, with trading taking place around the clock in four separate time zones: London, Sydney, New York and Tokyo. This enables forex trading to take place 24 hours a day.


What are currency pairs?


A quote of two different currencies is known as a currency pair, with the value of the first currency listed against the value of the second. The first quoted currency is referred to as the base currency, while the second is referred to as the quote currency. When two currencies are paired together, their values are compared.


It illustrates the ratio of the quote currency to the base currency needed to purchase one unit of each. Markets all around the globe use the ISO currency code or the three-letter alphabetic code that corresponds to a particular currency to identify it. For example, USD is the ISO code for the United States dollar.


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How Do Currency Pairs Function?


You will always purchase one currency and sell another while trading forex. These currencies are coupled, and the value of one is quoted in proportion to the value of the other. The first is the basic currency, which is what you are purchasing. The counter or quote currency, which is what you are selling, is the second currency. 


What are the factors influencing Forex Trading?


When the government willingly makes efforts to enhance the living standards of its citizens, the economy flourishes. As a result, a stable government may be the first sign of an investor-friendly nation. It implies the economy has fewer hurdles and a better chance of growing. What it has to do with FX trading: A trader may purchase a country's currency with stable political conditions as it holds more chances of earning profit.


●   Government Debt:

Would you be willing to give someone who is in debt money? You wouldn't do it. It's the same premise here: the larger a country's debt, the less likely it is to attract foreign money, which reduces the country's currency rate.


●   The Capital Market:

The perception about the state of the economy might be influenced by the financial markets' momentum. Long-term stock market falls typically signal low investor's confidence, which is helpful for predicting currency rates in relation to other nations.


●   Economic Planning:

The monetary and fiscal policies of a country will tell you if it is hospitable to investors or not. As a result, if the government implements plans and incentives to attract foreign money, investors may flock to this nation, increasing demand for the specific currency.


Why Should You Trade Forex with TradeSparkle?


Having confidence is essential when dealing in currencies and other instruments. Profits are not guaranteed while trading, and every trading strategy has advantages and disadvantages. Be mindful of the potential for loss when trading. With a focus on giving customers the best possible service, Tradesparkle offers multilingual customer support, user-friendly trading platforms, and its own risk-reduction technologies.


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Real-World Investing:


Trading may be stressful and even frightening at times, but The company makes every effort to guarantee that you are adequately equipped to start trading in the real world. You will have access to their team of experts, who can guide you through every phase of your trading journey.


The company provides you with a variety of tools so you may trade with confidence and convenience. All the tools are high quality and continually work to enhance and invent them for your advantage.


How does TradeSparkle's customer service respond?


As we have previously said in our TradeSparkle review, one of the brokerage's strong points is its customer service. Five days a week, 24 hours a day, the customer service team is here to answer any questions you may have. The customer support employees are indeed educated and answer all of your inquiries. It should be emphasized that the Company recognizes the value of providing its customers with the best service possible, given the importance of the currency market.


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Does TradeSparkle provide its user's security?


Make sure your investments are protected, as it is crucial when choosing a brokerage. To protect your personal information, the Company uses SSL encryption and distinct client accounts. The brokerage makes the necessary measures to provide its customers with a safe and secure trading environment since it understands how important it is.


In this TradeSparkle review, it should be mentioned that many forex brokerages fall short of necessary precautions and, as a result, do not offer the same level of security for your funds. On the other hand, clients of TradeSparkle have a high level of confidence in the Company.


TradeSparkle offers how many different types of accounts?


To accommodate any trading style, TradeSparkle offers four different account options. The broker is committed to providing the best trading conditions possible. They've created several accounts as a result to better serve the requirements of diverse merchants. Whatever your financial situation, objectives, or trading style, there is an account that will work for you. Each account upgrade results in a doubling of the services provided.


  3. GOLD

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Following section of this Tradesparkle review contains the drawbacks of the company:


●   No Demo Account:


The lack of demo accounts offered by the brokerage is a drawback that has to be addressed in the TradeSparkle review. For new traders, a demo account is a great method to practise trading without putting their own money at risk. Before making any real money investments, beginner traders would have preferred if the firm had offered demo accounts, which would have allowed them to acquire a feel for the platform and decide whether it was a suitable fit for them.


Ending Remarks


To summarize this TradeSparkle review, this is a fantastic brokerage with a lot to offer its consumers. The broker company has been in operation for more than four years and established a strong reputation. The spreads are quite competitive, and the customer service is outstanding. The Company provides a number of services and features that might be advantageous to your trading style. Overall, choosing this broker for Forex trading is an excellent decision.


Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be a recommendation. The author is not responsible for any resulting actions of the Company during your trading experience.

Consumer prices in Croatia rose by 12.8 percent in September compared to the same month last year, so inflation reached a new highest level since the State Statistical Office  has been keeping records.


The highest rate of annual inflation in Croatia was recorded in July and August of this year, when it was 12.3 percent each.


The prices of goods and services for personal consumption, measured by the consumer price index, also increased on a monthly basis, and in September they were on average 1.5 percent higher than in August, while the annual average prices were 8.6 percent higher percent.


On an annual level, all categories increased, with the highest price increases for food and non-alcoholic beverages, by 19.1 percent. This was followed by restaurant and hotel prices which jumped by 17.3 percent. Then furniture, home equipment and regular household maintenance, which recorded a jump of 15.7 percent, followed by the category of housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels, with a growth of 13.3 percent.


Furthermore, the prices of transport jumped by 12.3 percent, clothing and footwear by 10.1 percent, the category of recreation and culture by 8.8 percent, while, for example, alcoholic beverages and tobacco recorded growth of 4.2 percent.


The mildest growth was recorded in the category of communications, by 0.4 percent.


“Oh, that is something I’ve always wanted to do.” If we’d have got 10 Euro every time we have heard this sentence we would be millionaires. We hear it from locals, from tourists and from comments online. Why does everyone have a lifelong desire to walk 1,100 km? Are they all as crazy as we are? No, it is one of those life challenges. One of those things that money can’t buy. That feeling of achievement is priceless. And it also helps that we are walking through some of the most dramatic, wild and stunningly beautiful coastlines that we’ve even seen in our lives. It is exciting. And sometimes life can be rather monotone. Our days aren’t black and white, they are full of exploding rainbows.


So we are deep in the heart of Cornwall. A place that feels a million miles away from the rest of the world. Where London is “a place we only go to once a year if we have to,” and where other parts of the UK are “more than a day’s drive away.” They aren’t but that’s the feedback we get from locals.


To be honest they just seem to be happy where they are. Each village and town has its own story, its own legend, and the locals are always eager to share it.


They live from tourism. Roughly 4 million tourists visit Cornwall every year. Which, when compared with Dubrovnik, isn’t that much. In Cornwall lives half a million people, so the ratio of tourists to locals is very different.


To be Cornish and live on the coast you need to do one thing, no matter how old or young you are, and that is surf. Just the other day we met a rather elegantly dressed woman, probably in her mid-fifties, walking her two dogs on the beach. We had a chat and she recommended a good cafe for us to visit. Just as we had finished our coffee we heard someone shout “enjoy your coffee,” and there in front of us was the same woman in a full wetsuit carrying her surfboard under her arm. “Only got my easy board today as the waves aren’t that big,” she smiled and continued her walk down the beach.


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People surf before work, children after school, couples on dates. They surf in the rain, in the sun and in the wind.


One man caught our eye the other day as he was one of the rare ones to be surfing without a wetsuit. “Is it chilly” I asked as the man in his late sixties stood dripping in front of me with a surf board under his arm. “No, it is lovely, absolutely beautiful this morning,” he smiled. “What do you think the temperature is,” I continued. “It is a balmy 16 degrees for sure,” he said, adding “just right.”


He wasn’t alone in this particular bay. There were at least 30 people surfing.


They live with the sea. Crabs and lobsters are on all the menus and they aren’t that expensive at all. So prices in general. People are fascinated by the price of a cup of coffee, so that is a good place to start, the average cafe bar will charge you around 3.5 pounds. A light lunch for two people will be around 30 pounds, an evening meal around 45 pounds. Real estate is expensive. Mainly due to the fact that lots of tourists are buying second homes, or holiday homes, on the coast. The average house price here is 336,000 pounds, not cheap! And from the other side of the coin the average salary is around 29,000 pounds gross annually. But to be honest in all the conversations we have had during our long trip we have never talked with anyone about finances. People don’t talk about money.


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“Ever since they filmed Doc Martin here the whole place is like Disneyland,” complained one local as we sat in a bar. The place, Port Isaac. And it was the backdrop for the mega popular TV serial Doc Martin. For ten years this serial was filmed in this charming seaside village. And today it is full of souvenirs, walking tours and photo opportunities. Sound familiar. We slept with a view to the Doctor’s home in the serial and from the early morning hours to sunset people stood outside to get a photo, a selfie. And prices reflect the fact that this place is a TV star. Hotels and Airbnb’s are twice the price of anywhere else we have been. “We can’t complain really. Yes, we would like to have our village back again, to enjoy the peace and tranquility, but the fame has brought with it the chance for everyone in the village to earn,” smiled our Airbnb host. It seems that we have a similar situation.


So on we walk. Our feet have passed around 300 kilometres. Another couple of days and we will have walked from Dubrovnik to Sibenik. However, the big difference is that we have already climbed around 15,000 metres along the way. That means that we have almost walked up Everest two times! Or 14 times from the promenade in Cavat to the top of Snježnica. Or 33 times from the Banja to the top of Srđ.


And our feet and legs are certainly feeling it. I have realised that this long-distance walking is more a mental battle than a physical one. Yes, of course you need to be fairly fit but the power of my mind to overcome the pain you might be feeling in your back, shoulders, feet or legs is the power that will get you through the day. We all have that power. You just need to release it.


OK, boots back on, 13 kg rucksack on my back, hat on and walking pole, I am ready for another day.    


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According to the data from the e-Visitor system, in the past nine months of this year, 175,700 tourists visited the Peljesac peninsular and 1,295,100 overnight stays were achieved, which is 25 and 15 percent more than last year and only 1 and a half percent less than in the record year of 2019.

More than two-thirds of the total number of tourists traffic was recorded in the municipality of Orebić with 889,100 overnight stays. Every fifth guest to Peljesac this summer came from Poland on vacation, followed by Slovenians, Germans, tourists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech and domestic tourists.

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board is organising the ninth Good Food Festival this year, a gastronomic event for all lovers of good food, which will take place from October 10 to 16, 2022. This year's program will include the traditional Restaurant Week with festival menus, wine tasting, sweet festival offer, a themed dinner with a Michelin chef, a Gala dinner at Hotel Rixos Premium Dubrovnik, Street Food Festival Bavarin, gastro tours, culinary workshops in Deša, beer evenings with good street food at the Dubrovnik Brewery and much more.


See the detailed program at


During the entire festival week, from October 10 to 16, the Restaurant Week will be held, offering desserts, wine tastings, breakfasts, gastro tours and the fair of handicrafts and domestic food products "Samo Hrvatsko" (or Just Croatian) in Luja Šoletić park in Gruž. The hard-working chefs of forty Dubrovnik restaurants have specially created festival menus at promotional prices for the Good Food Festival, which will be available for tasting during the entire Festival week. Take advantage of this great opportunity and visit restaurants you've never been to before, let Dubrovnik's restaurateurs show you how delicious, creative and tempting their dishes are.

Participating restaurants are: Restaurant & Catering Academia, Restaurant Arsenal (City Cafe), Restaurant Banje Beach - Bistro 49 - Restaurant Blidinje - Cantina Mexicana Chihuahua - Cafe Bistro Dalmatino - PUB Dubrovnik - Fat Bastard - Fo.ra Foccacia Ragusa - Restaurant Gusta me - Igra gluten free street food - Cafe Lazareti - Hotel Kazbek - Taverna Loggia - Restaurant Lucin Kantun - Restaurant Magdalena - Restaurant Maskeron - Restaurant Mimoza - Restaurant Momenti (Dubrovnik President Hotel) - Restaurant Orka - Restaurant Orsan - Piano bar Hotel Lero - Restaurant Pantarul – Lounge & Bistro Port 22 - Bistro pizzeria Prova - Tavern Pupo - Restaurant Rhea Silvia (Lapad) – Tavern Rozario - Hotel Rixos Premium (Umi Teppanyaki) – Restaurant Shizuku/Trinity - Restaurant Sebastian – Spaghetteria Toni- Sphere Restaurant Hotel Kompas - Restaurant Trattoria - Restaurant Taj Mahal, Hotel Lero - Restaurant Taj Mahal, Old Town - Bistro Tavulin - Restaurant Veranda 2.0.


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During the festival week, festival breakfasts are offered by Igra gluten free street food and Hotel Kazbek, while a sweet festival offer is offered by Fo.ra Focaccia Ragusa, Libertas Terrace & Lobby Bar, Piano Hotel Lero, Slatki Kantun in Hotel More and the sweet house Prekala in Lapad Bay. Choose an interesting gastronomic tour "Dubrovnik na pjata" (Dubrovnik on a plate) or a traditional cooking school "Pick.Cook.Eat" and enjoy a wine tasting at the Bakus and Škar wineries.


Be sure not to miss the workshops of the Deša Association, where members of the Honey Hands Defenders Cooperative from Vukovar will prepare gingerbread in the shape of St. Blaise and traditional Slavonian cakes - taška. At Deša's workshops, you have the opportunity to participate in the workshop on preparing sweets with bitter oranges and sugared almonds with the leader Domagoj Palameta and the workshop "Beškotina na ožičica" with the guidance of Nina Smokvina.


During this year's festival, in the restaurant Trattoria Sunset Beach Dubrovnik, organised by TUŠ Dubrovnik, there will be workshops on restaurant desserts, smoking and drying meat in the traditional way, and self-grown edible herbs and herbs, while the Dubrovnik County Chamber will present the basics of permaculture and the ecological way of growing food for your own needs. The last in a series of workshops intended for family smallholders will be held in Osojnik, and the workshop will present an introduction to the principles of ecological and regenerative agriculture.


During this year's festival, enjoy unforgettable flavours for your taste buds at a dinner with Michelin chef Marijo Curić, at Restaurant Nobilis - Sunset Beach Dubrovnik with musical accompaniment by the popular Marko Tolja. Hotel Rixos Premium Dubrovnik is preparing a gala dinner "Titanic Dinner Experience" with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and Maja Grgić & Band and the Wevents Gatsby Dance Show, of a humanitarian nature, with all proceeds going to the association Dva skalina. In the Veranda restaurant, you will be able to participate in the presentation of gnocchi making and the selection of meat for the traditional Dubrovnik meat stew or pašticada, followed by a meal where you will enjoy this traditional dish from Dubrovnik. For all lovers of bubbles and sunsets, there is "Sunset sparkling wine" at Royal Hotels and Resorts, a gathering with a presentation of sparkling wine and a DJ who, accompanied by a saxophone, will provide good entertainment. "Evenings of Italy" will be held in the Urban & Veggie restaurant with Bloom Box, and in Sunset Beach Dubrovnik enjoy a barbecue from OFYR with live music. This year's program of the Good Food Festival will also be enriched by its offer with live music at Dubrovnik Beer Company & Mexican style by Barbarossa Street Food and Texas Style Street Food, as well as TUP's yard, which is preparing a gastro-film evening "Asian classic on the stage and screen".


The crown of the festival, the fun gastronomic event Dubrovnik table, returns this year to Stradun and, as in previous years, will bring together numerous restaurateurs. With symbolic prices, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous delicacies and wine, as well as a musical performance by vocal group Klapa Subrenum. The Dubrovnik table, like every year, has a humanitarian character. On the last day of the Good Food Festival, take a trip to the Upper Villages of Dubrovnik accompanied by a guide and dine in one of the family smallholders at promotional prices, or surprise your little ones with a balloon show at Sunset Beach Dubrovnik with Tonka Balloon and a special offer for the youngest.


And this year the Good Food Festival organised by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, which year after year ensures that the Dubrovnik autumn is very interesting and tempting, there is a new and exciting addition - the first Dubrovnik street food festival Bavarin!


For the first time, in the very heart of Dubrovnik, in the wonderful historical setting of the Lazareti, the street food festival "Bavarin" will be held, which will offer food from the best local chefs and restaurants through six catering facilities, with menus adapted for everyone - from burgers, plant-based dishes, the best from fish street food delicacies to the most delicious desserts. One of the most beautiful locations in Dubrovnik - Lazareti, through October will become an unmissable location for all those who are looking for a charming, different and unique place to hang out, have a relaxed date or enjoy delicious snacks to the beats of their favourite bands. In four days, this new charming festival, in addition to the most beautiful sunset, historical scenery, rich gastronomic offer, will also offer performances by the most famous Croatian bands such as Psihomodo Pop, TBF, Gina & The Gee Gee's and Vinko Ćemeraš and Talvi Tuulvi.


Bavarin also took care of the youngest, so don't miss the art workshop of the famous Croatian fashion designer and illustrator of numerous children's picture books, Anamarija Asanović. For lovers of reading, a real fairy tale or story room is being prepared under the leadership of the well-known Dubrovnik blogger Vildana Mrša. All lovers of art and good wine will definitely not miss the painting and wine workshop Kist & Pit led by Magdalena Kudelik and Dajana Dvornik, while on the other hand lovers of a good drop eager for knowledge will definitely get their way at the whiskey & gin workshop as well as at the presentation of the new Saints wines Hills, a family winery in Pelješac, just a blink of an eye from Dubrovnik.


The entire program can be found on the website of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.

The morning ritual of many EU citizens who cannot imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee has become more expensive this summer, and in Croatia the cost could be reduced by eliminating sugar and milk, according to data from the European Statistical Office.

The recent rise in prices could turn the favourite morning drink almost into a luxury, Eurostat said, reporting on Thursday that coffee prices in the EU were 16.9 percent higher in August than last year.

The price of fresh whole milk rose by an average of 24.3 percent in the EU, and fresh skimmed milk by 22.2 percent. The price of sugar increased the most, by as much as 33.4 percent.

The data showed that the prices of these four items increased in all EU member states, with the exception of Malta, where the price of fresh milk in August was unchanged compared to the same month last year.

Coffee rose in price the most in Finland and Lithuania, by 43.6 and 39.9 percent, respectively. They are followed by Sweden and Estonia.

Poland recorded the biggest jump in sugar prices, which was twice as expensive as in August last year.

Croatia is also in the group of EU countries with an extremely large jump in sugar prices, by as much as 40.9 percent, alongside Cyprus.

The price of coffee in Croatia rose by 23.2 percent, slightly higher than the European average.

The mildest increase in coffee prices was recorded in Italy and Ireland, by 6.6 and 6.9 percent, respectively.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you may be wondering what to do next. While no one wants to think about the legalities of their situation, it's important to understand your rights and options. This article will provide some tips on how to legally handle a serious injury case.


If You're In A Motor Vehicle Injury You Should Consult With A Lawyer


If you've been in a car accident, it's important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can help you understand your rights and options, and will work to get you the compensation you deserve. When working with a personal motor vehicle injury lawyer, you should be prepared to answer questions about the accident, your injuries, and your medical history. Your lawyer will also need to know about any insurance policies you have. Be sure to bring any relevant paperwork with you to your consultation.

Seek Medical Attention ASAP


If you have been seriously injured in an accident, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. This will not only ensure that you receive the treatment you need, but it will also document your injuries and help to support your legal case.


Some people hesitate to see a doctor because they are worried about the cost or think that their injuries are not serious enough. However, it is always better to err on the side of caution and get checked out by a medical professional. In many cases, injuries that seem minor at first can turn out to be much more serious.


Some injuries aren't even obvious right away. For example, you might not realize that you have suffered a concussion until days or weeks after the accident. This is why it's so important to get checked out as soon as possible.

Check What Compensation You Are Eligible For


When you are injured in an accident, you may be eligible for various types of compensation. The first step is to check what type of compensation you are eligible for. There are three main types of compensation: personal injury damages, property damage, and lost wages.


Personal injury damages include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. Property damage includes the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged property. Lost wages include the wages you would have earned if you had not been injured in the accident.



Consider Your Life Insurance


If you have life insurance, you should contact your insurer as soon as possible after an accident. Your life insurance policy may have provisions for advances on death benefits. You will need to provide the insurer with proof of the accident and your injuries, but if you are approved, you could receive a portion of your death benefit while you are still alive. This could be helpful in covering the costs of medical treatment and other expenses related to your accident.


You should also contact your health insurance company after an accident. Your policy may cover some of the costs of medical treatment, but you will likely have to pay a deductible and there may be limits on the coverage. If you have questions about what your policy covers, you should contact your insurance company or an experienced personal injury attorney.


You may also be able to get help from your state's workers' compensation program if you were injured at work. Workers' compensation generally covers medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages if you are unable to work because of your injuries. Each state has its own workers' compensation program, so you will need to check with your state's workers' compensation office to find out what benefits you are entitled to.

Focus On Your Recovery


If you've suffered a serious injury, your first priority should be your recovery. This may mean seeking professional help and following a doctor's orders. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may need to take time off work or make other lifestyle changes.


It's important to focus on your recovery, both physically and emotionally. This can be a difficult time, and you may feel overwhelmed. But remember that you're not alone. There are people who can help you through this, whether it's family, friends, or professionals.


Once you're feeling better, you may want to start thinking about your legal options. If someone else's negligence led to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. This can help cover medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

In conclusion, if you're ever seriously injured in an accident, there are a few things you should do to protect your legal rights. First, get medical attention as soon as possible. Second, check what type of compensation you may be eligible for. And third, focus on your recovery. Thoroughly following these steps will give you the best chance of successfully handling your serious injury case.

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