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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


The number of newly infected people in Croatia has been growing in recent days. Thus, 191 new cases of infection were recorded today, and one person died.

The head of the National Staff and Minister of the Interior, Davor Božinović, revealed to that new measures are being introduced that will refer to the Adriatic region. This is a region that on the European Centre for Disease Control is ranked as orange.

“The numbers are growing and we need to do something to at least prevent some events from turning into super-spreaders,” he said. The measures should take effect on Monday, he explained. EU digital Covid certification will be the criterion. "I'm sure if this is respected, we can safely continue with the summer, but under control," he said.

“All those rallies of more than 50 to 1,000 people will have to be organized so that local headquarters together with the county headquarters take over for their organization,” he explained.

Weddings also have their own framework. Weddings will be allowed for a maximum of 200 to 300 people maximum, the minister said.

Sports competitions will also be available for those who have a Covid certificate.

“As for the vaccine, it is a guarantee for a person that they should not and most likely will not experience some more severe form of the disease, and certainly not a fatal outcome,” he explained.

The new measures, which are valid from Monday, are intended for the Adriatic region - from Istria all the way to Dubrovnik.


If there is one that history has shown us, it is that tastes rarely stay the same. Different types of music, movies, and entertainment trend for a few years before we find the latest trend to hold on to. However, despite having close to a 500-year history in the UK, bingo is one form of entertainment that has always had a place in British hearts. In the 20th century, in particular, Bingo exploded in popularity across the British Isles.

The form of betting became a social phenomenon with people going to land-based Bingo halls all around the country. Eventually, popularity did start to wean a little, but then the internet came and saved the day! Operators were quick to spot the opportunities and knew that such a popular game would become even more so in an online setting. Plus, with online gambling firmly legal, and well regulated, players would have peace of mind that they were treated fairly. Compared to Croatia, the regulation of betting in Europe, and particularly the UK, is far more regulated.

Britain's Gambling Laws

A big part of the reason behind the popularity of Bingo in the UK was the liberal gambling laws within the country. In the 1960s further changes were made to laws that helped strengthen Bingo as one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. Close to half a million people would play Bingo at the bingo halls during the game’s peak.

However, high taxation, and people moving into more trendy forms of entertainment, saw the slow down of BIngo in the country. This was until the birth of the internet when operators identified a lot of potential in the game becoming a popular home activity.

Online Bingo Saved the Game

As the internet became adopted on a large scale across Britain, online gambling quickly became a regular hobby for many people at home. Bingo, in particular, instantly rose in popularity thanks to the convenience of playing at home. Sites such as Foxy Bingo quickly showed that Bingo is just as much a home game as it is a night out. Players simply deposit using PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller, claim a bonus welcome offer or sign-up promotions, and away they go.

Any Foxy Bingo review will tell you that this is among the best Bingo platforms in the UK. It was shortlisted for the Best bingo site at the WhichBingo Awards, offers a ton of lucrative offers and promotions, has a great community, and provides high levels of customer service.

Online Bingo is Booming

Bingo is hardly a game that will turn people into overnight millionaires compared to other forms of online gambling such as found at online casinos. However, it is the social aspect and the fun and excitement of winning small amounts of low-risk money that allows it to appeal. Bingo is now so popular in an online format, that it is set to become a $2 million industry by the end of 2022.

Even land-based bingo is starting to see a revival once more. The game is now hosted in bars and pubs across the country, rather than dedicated bingo halls. It adds a layer of entertainment to any night out! Better yet, the evolution of technology has meant we can take part in online bingo from anywhere we like. So, we could essentially go out, but stay in, at the same time! We can play a few games of Bingo on our Samsung while our friends go and get in the drinks! Bingo is a game steeped in British culture, and it is going to take something substantial to remove it!


Dubrovnik has found itself on a list of the top 50 movie destinations in the world. The global travel site Big 7 Travel has released its official list of 'The 50 Most Beautiful Movie Locations In The World'.

From the Australian outback to the lost city of Petra (which became world famous after appearing in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade in 1989), the popular travel website rounded up the destinations most worthy of being on the big screen. Taking into account the 'wow-factor' of the setting, its importance and impact on the scene, overall fame of the movie itself and unique features, these are the 50 most beautiful movie locations across the globe.

Dubrovnik found itself on the list thanks to the recent Robin Hood movie that was filmed in and around the city. Even though Dubrovnik is more well-known for the HBO serial Game of Thrones it was also transformed into Nottingham for the Robin Hood movie that starred Jamie Foxx, Jamie Dornan and Taron Egerton. And even though the 2018 blockbuster was a flop at the box-office and recorded a poor 5.3 score on IMDB it still managed to place Dubrovnik on this new movie destination list.


There are currently around 1,200 staying tourists in Dubrovacko Primorje. In the first twenty days of July, about 20,000 overnight stays were realized, which is twice as many as in the same period from last year. About 10,000 overnight stays were realized in private accommodation, which is 50 percent more than in the same period in 2020. Hotels realized about 8,000 overnight stays, which is about 7 times more than in the first 20 days of July 2020.

Most tourists staying in hotels are from Poland, France, Germany, Croatia and the Czech Republic, and in private accommodation most tourists came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.

Compared to the first twenty days of the July 2019 hotels realized 69 percent of overnight stays, private accommodation 65 percent of overnight stays, while the total number of overnight stays was 68 percent compared to 2019.

All tourists from the UK, Russia and Cyprus, must have a negative test to cross the Croatian border, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or have contracted the virus.

The change to the border regime will take effect from next Monday.

The news on the change of the list of countries for which special epidemiological measures are applied upon entering the Republic of Croatia was published by the Croatian Public Health Institute. "In order to protect health and prevent the spread of Covid-19, additional epidemiological measures have been introduced when crossing the border into the territory of the Republic of Croatia to prevent the introduction of new variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus. In light of the worsening epidemiological situation in the United Kingdom, Cyprus and the Russian Federation, as an additional measure for all persons coming from these countries, a negative SARS-CoV-2 test performed in the home country, regardless of vaccination, is required before entering the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The amendment to the list will be published on the CNIPH website and will enter into force on Monday, July 26, 2021.”

Despite covid19 having pushed the UK economy to its knees, in some cases you can still thrive as a UK business owner doing business abroad. Check out the top LLC services on this site.



There is a theory that the best place to eat, and indeed drink, when you are in a foreign destination is exactly the place where the locals gather. If that is the case, and it is a rule that I generally follow, then if you’re in Župa, or more precisely Srebreno, then Tutto Bene is the place to be. And the pizzeria and fast food restaurant follows its name – Tutto Bene translated from Italian to English basically means “Everything is good.”

Now, right off the bat, and to be up front and open I have eaten in this restaurant countless times as I live in the neighbourhood. So I am pretty familiar with the menu, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to a new “challenge.” In fact, Tutto Bene isn’t what you’d really expect from the location. It’s a funky urban looking restaurant that wouldn’t look out of place on the high street of any major European capital city.


Easy to see why it's a hit with the locals - Photo Mark Thomas 

It’s easy to find, and almost just as importantly easy to park. As the summer season hots up the parking situation becomes crazy, finding that empty space is like finding a unicorn standing on a four-leaved clover. But Tutto Bene not only has plenty of free (yes, I said free) parking all around but there is also an underground (yes, in the shade) carpark which has a lift directly to the restaurant.

There are basically three sitting areas, an inside one, a covered terrace and an open-air terrace. For some reason the covered terrace is the most popular. “Good to see you again Mark,” said the friendly manager as I entered. Like I said this has that “Cheers” factor, you know where everyone knows you name.


Spacious and friendly - Photo Mark Thomas 

Tutto Bene isn’t really a classic pizzeria, although they do have a great range of those Italian flat dough specialties, they even have my absolute favourite Hawaii pizza. For as well as pizzas they have an extensive mix of burgers, tortillas, salads, wings, ribs, etc. And if you’re with your family just flip the menu over to keep the children occupied, you’ll realise when you see the back of the menu.

“I haven’t tried a burger here for a long time, so what would you recommend,” I asked the waitress. “If you’re hungry then why not try the crispy bacon burger,” she suggested. One small tip, if you order this burger then bring a big appetite with you. Succulent and tasty and served with French fries. And not at all expensive, in fact great value.

Now realising that my wife and family were probably peckish as well I ordered a take-away, a prosciutto and rocket pizza and a chicken salad. I can’t really give my opinion as I didn’t get to try them, but as the pizza disappeared in a flash and the salad with it, I can only guess that they were satisfied with my choice. And that’s another advantage of Tutto Bene, they have a fast delivery service and all the meals aren’t just packed in plastic and paper, they have thought out the packaging to keep in line with the funky, urban concept.


One small tip, if you order this burger then bring a big appetite with you - Photo Mark Thomas  

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Telephone - +385 0/20 642 800
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Oftentimes we have to choose between hobbies, but with advances in technology gamers can now travel and play games. Connectivity across the globe has improved to the point that gamers can continue to access their favourite games from anywhere in the world, and there is an ever increasing range of mobile gaming devices available to gamers.

There are many things gamers need to consider when travelling to ensure they get the most out of their gaming experience, including what device to use, the best games to play, connectivity and battery life, and any additional equipment they may need to bring with them.

The best games to play

1. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are hugely addictive and popular, with thousands of different apps available for both iOS and Android devices. There have been thousands of downloads of games like Candy Crush, Monument Valley and Solitaire.

2. Online Casinos

The move online has been hugely beneficial for the gambling industry, with the global market expected to grow by 50% between 2019 and 2023 to be worth over US$90 billion. Online access has opened up a new demographic of gambler, who otherwise would not have gone to a land-based casino but will happily play from the comfort of their sofa or on the go. Operators have designed their offerings to be compatible with laptops, computers, tablets, and mobiles, as well as apps to make for a seamless experience for gamers. Players can access the whole range of casino games, including poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack. Or, if you ever find yourself visiting Sweden, you might hear them being referred to as casinospel.

3. Social Games

Social games are great for travelling, as gamers can meet other like-minded individuals. For example, great friendships are formed in Words with Friends, and the ability to dip in and out of these types of games is great for travelling.

Gaming devices

Different gaming devices will suit different games and types of gamers, from the casual to the hard-core gamer, and everyone in between.

1. Smart phones

Smart phones are the most common mobile gaming device in the world. Most people will have access to one whether they are a gamer or not, as smart phones are the most common phone on the global market. Smartphones are well equipped for the casual gamer, offering a limited amount of processing power and excellent graphics, though the screen may be too small for more immersive games. Good games for a smartphone include puzzle game, online casinos games, and word games, offering hours of entertainment.

2. Tablets

Tablets are a great option for travelling, as they offer a bigger screen that a phone, but are considerably lighter that a laptop, and can be used to plan travels and take photos.

3. Portable consoles

The most popular consoles handheld consoles are from Nintendo, with the Switch, the Switch Lite, the DS and its various iterations. There are also a number of devices on the market that come with built in games that are great for younger gamers, and don’t come with the risk of losing the little cartridges that house the various games available.


1. Secure Internet access

To get the best out of gaming, internet access is paramount. Across the globe most public spaces and hotels have internet access, but it is important to ensure that the networks are secure. One way to ensure a secure connection when using a public network is to use a VPN. Travellers can also use their mobile data, but must first check what is included in their allowance to ensure they don’t face a hefty bill when they return.

Additional Equipment

1. Headphones

A quality pair of headphones is a must for any gamer on the go. It means that gamers can play anywhere and enjoy all aspects of the game without disturbing others around them. It may be fun to listen to the slot machine pinging, but people around will eventually get fed up.

2. Portable Power Bank

A fully charged device is a given, but playing games online uses a huge amount of battery, with some devices only having a few hours of play time. When near outlets, it may be worth plugging in, but on the go a portable power bank could be a life saver!

3. Case

Keeping the device, whatever it may be, safe, is really important. Making sure that any game disks or cartridges are kept secure, and that the device itself is free of scratches and dents, to be enjoyed for years to come.

Gaming whilst travelling is definitely possible, and allows gamers to enjoy their hobby from anywhere. However, travellers must ensure that they make the most of the amazing opportunities travelling presents, and balance gaming, with exploring their new surroundings!


In the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, 13 new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the last 24 hours.

These are four males and nine females; nine from Dubrovnik and one each from Konavle, Župa dubrovačka and Lumbarda, as well as one person who does not reside in the county.

Four people from Dubrovnik made a full recoevery in the past 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours, 488 samples were processed, and since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 92,870 samples have been analysed.

Ten people tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized in the Dubrovnik General Hospital.

There are 230 people in self-isolation, and in the last 24 hours, two cases of violation of the self-isolation measure have been recorded.


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