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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


In a sombre morning incident on September 14th, at approximately 5 a.m., a fatal accident occurred on the Croatian state road D-8, near the village of Plat in Župa Dubrovačka. The incident involved a 38-year-old citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who was operating a bus with Dubrovnik license plates.

Tragically, the collision took the life of a 25-year-old German citizen. Subsequently, another vehicle, bearing Dubrovnik license plates and driven by a 24-year-old individual, also became involved in the incident.

Fatal Consequences

The impact of the collision resulted in the untimely death of the German citizen at the scene of the incident, according to a statement released by the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Police Department. During the course of the investigation, which was conducted under the supervision of the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Dubrovnik, traffic on the affected section of the Adriatic Highway was completely halted. The road closure was in effect until 8:25 a.m., at which point it was reopened for all traffic.

Ongoing Investigation

Law enforcement, in cooperation with the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Dubrovnik, is continuing to diligently investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident. Further details regarding the accident and any potential contributing factors will be released as the investigation unfolds.

This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the need for vigilance while traveling.


Ryanair, Europe's leading low-cost airline, has unveiled ambitious plans to significantly expand its operations out of the Zagreb base for the upcoming 2024 summer season. The airline intends to serve more than thirty destinations, a notable increase from the 27 destinations served this year. The announcement was made by Jason McGuinness, Chief Commercial Officer of Ryanair, during a press conference held in the Croatian capital, reports EX-YU Aviation.

McGuinness highlighted the impressive growth trajectory of Ryanair's Zagreb operations, stating, "Last year, we transported just over 900,000 passengers on our Zagreb flights, and this year, we anticipate that number will rise to approximately 1.2 million passengers. Our strategic vision is to continue expanding in Zagreb, reinforcing connectivity, boosting the local economy, and catalysing tourism."

The focus of this expansion effort lies in establishing direct connections to a diverse range of destinations. McGuinness noted, "During this summer, we operated flights to nearly thirty destinations from Zagreb, to be precise, 27 destinations. For the upcoming summer season in 2024, our goal is to surpass thirty destinations. This strategic push is a testament to our partnership with Huseyin Bahadir Bedir, Zagreb Airport General Manager, and his dedicated team."

A Commitment to Connectivity and Tourism

Ryanair's success in Zagreb can be attributed to its commitment to offering passengers the lowest fares and maintaining the lowest base costs among European airlines. McGuinness emphasized, "Ryanair stands out as the only airline in Europe that is actively expanding while consistently providing passengers with the most affordable travel options. Our dedication to offering competitive pricing and enhancing accessibility remains unwavering."

The announcement of Ryanair's expansion plans in Zagreb comes as a positive development for both travellers and the local economy. It signifies the airline's commitment to fostering enhanced connectivity, providing travellers with an ever-expanding array of destinations to explore, and contributing to the growth of tourism and commerce in the region.

With this strategic move, Ryanair aims to solidify its position as a key player in the Croatian aviation market, offering travellers more choices and affordable travel options for their 2024 summer vacation plans. As the airline industry continues to evolve, Ryanair remains steadfast in its pursuit of delivering quality service at budget-friendly prices.

For more information on Ryanair's expansion plans, visit Ryanair's Official Website.


The Dubrovnik public bus company, Libertas, is currently testing a fully electric bus.

In accordance with the strategic goals of reducing harmful gas emissions and decarbonizing the vehicle fleet, the Iveco Crossway LE CITY ELEC bus has arrived for testing on urban and suburban routes until September 15th, as reported by Libertas Dubrovnik.

"The bus is multifunctional, adapted to the modern needs of public urban and suburban transportation, and it was manufactured in 2023, with dimensions of 12.9 × 2.5 × 3.4 meters and a passenger capacity of 66 seats, with a battery range sufficient for all-day operation," emphasized Libertas.

They also mention that Libertas Dubrovnik aims to apply for all public calls that allocate funds from European Union funds for the procurement of alternative fuel vehicles as soon as they become available. They continuously work towards being as prepared as possible for these opportunities.

The Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, prompted by repeated calls from concerned citizens regarding fundraising activities on the streets of Dubrovnik have reminded people that:

- These individuals are not associated with the work of the Association or with other associations of persons with disabilities in Croatia.

- They are not deaf individuals, nor are they collecting money for deaf individuals.

- They are falsely representing themselves.

These scam artists, usually two women, have been approching people in and around Dubrovnik asking for donations. They have also been reported in the Sub City shopping centre in Župa. They will come up to people prentending to be deaf and try to get people to sign a list and donate money. This money does not go into the association but directly in their pockets. Several citizens have reported that these scam artists are from Bulgaria.


The Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board is once again participating in the "Global Travel Marketplace" presentation, which is taking place in London from September 12 to September 14, 2023.

"Global Travel Marketplace" gathers international tourism organizations, tourist boards, and their partners to showcase themselves in direct, pre-arranged business meetings with travel agents from around the world.

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This event was first held in 2021, organized by Jacobs Media Group, with the aim of helping the tourism industry recover more quickly from the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

The Marketplace also provides an opportunity for all participants to exchange ideas and collaborate through various workshops, lectures, and presentations.


In a significant milestone, Zadar Airport welcomed its one-millionth passenger of the year, a rare occurrence in its history, last Friday. This achievement comes just a year after the airport handled over a million passengers for the first time, showcasing its remarkable growth.

The millionth traveler, disembarking from a Ryanair flight originating in Memmingen, Germany, was greeted almost a month ahead of the previous year's schedule. This accomplishment is a testament to the airport's increasing popularity and efficiency.

General Manager Josip Klišmanić expressed his delight, stating, "We are thrilled to celebrate this remarkable achievement. This year, we anticipate accommodating approximately 1.25 million passengers, reflecting a 12% increase compared to the previous year. Notably, August emerged as our busiest month ever, with Zadar Airport handling 295,000 passengers."

Zadar Airport's impressive growth can be primarily attributed to its partnership with Ryanair, which maintains a seasonal base in the city. This collaboration has played a pivotal role in driving the airport's success, and it continues to contribute significantly to its increasing passenger numbers.


The Croatian National Bank (HNB) will release the first commemorative two-euro coin into circulation on September 15th, in celebration of the introduction of the euro as the official currency in the Republic of Croatia, as announced by the bank on Tuesday.

The coin will be issued in a quantity of 250,000 pieces. The designer of the national side's artistic concept is Nikola Vudrag, a university graduate in sculpture. It was minted at the Croatian Money Mint.

2 EUR prigodna N

In addition to its numismatic significance, the commemorative euro coin also has the status of legal tender, and there is generally no fee for its exchange. It will be available for purchase at the cost of two euros.

Interested citizens can obtain this euro coin starting from September 15, 2023, at the counters of commercial banks and the Croatian National Bank's cashier.


In June, the City of Dubrovnik announced a Public Call for co-financing the costs of developing project documentation for the installation and integration of solar panels on residential homes.

And this invitation is open until October 8th, and for those citizens who are interested, and reside within the area of the City of Dubrovnik, need to submit applications with complete documentation by the specified date.

This will enable them to qualify for the allocation of non-repayable financial funds if they meet the requirements.

Financial support for co-financing the costs of developing project documentation can be obtained up to 90 percent of the incurred expenses, but not exceeding 930 euros, including VAT, per household.

You can find more info here


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