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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas - The editor and big chief of The Dubrovnik Times. Born in the UK he has been living and working in Dubrovnik since 1998, yes he is one of the rare “old hands.” A unique insight into both British and Croatian life and culture, Mark is often known as just “Englez” or Englishman. He is a traveller, a current affairs freak and a huge AFC Wimbledon fan.


After the match between Croatia and Belgium, FIFA summed up perfectly the contribution of Croatian defender Joško Guardiola on their social media, “Croatia’s Superhero.”

Thanks to Joško Guardiola's lightening reaction, Croatia placed second in the group in the round of 16 of the World Cup. Belgium need a win to progress into the knockout stages of the World Cup in Qatar and as the ball fell to striker Romeo Lukaku just a few metres from goal it looked like Croatia’s dream was over. However, Joško Guardiol had a different idea and from nowhere took the ball off the toe of Lukaku.

After the match, FIFA called him a Croatian superhero and added a Batman symbol to his image. And with his protective mask Croatia’s hero does bear more than a passing resemblance to Batman.



And breathe! Croatia are into the knockout stages of World Cup in Qatar after holding off Belgium. Coming into the final group match the Croatians needed at least a point to progress into the last 16, and a point is exactly what they got. The second gest ranked side in the world couldn’t find a way to break down the Croatian defence and the chances that did fall their way were missed.

The first half was at times a dull affair, however the introduction of the Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku at the break seemed to give the Belgiums a new lease of life. He smashed a shot against the post and missed another chance from a few metres out.

The Croatian midfield, once again led by the captain Luka Modric, passed their way out of trouble for most of the match and opened up the Belgium defence only for Thibaut Courtois to save.

The 0 – 0 result now means that Croatia finish second in the group behind Morocco, whilst Belgium crash out of the tournament.

Croatia will face the winners of Group E – which could be Spain, Japan or Costa Rica – on Monday.


One of the most successful pop artists of all time, Robbie Williams, is bringing his greatest hits to the Pula Arena for two exclusive concerts on June 27 and 28, 2023. Robbie will perform these two concerts as part of the tour album "XXV" and the album of the same name, which presents his incredible 25 years of solo career.

For his performance in Croatia, the Brit pop icon chose perhaps the most beautiful concert venue this part of Europe has. The two-thousand-year-old amphitheatre will be the perfect stage for two intimate, limited-ticket shows where Robbie will remind fans of megahits from throughout his career.

Williams will bring the best of his musical opus, which is on the new album, and a fresh perspective of his most important songs, which were performed again with the Metropole Orchestra, with the addition of five new songs, of which "Lost" was chosen as the last single, writes in official statement on the organizer's Facebook page.

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Photo - Facebook

Robbie Williams is returning to Croatia ten years after his iconic performance at Zagreb's Maksimir Stadium, and with these concerts in Pula, he will also become the first foreign artist to perform at the Pula Arena for two consecutive days, after the Foo Fighters and their concerts in 2019.

In these two days, we will have the opportunity to hear hits such as "Candy", "Angels", "Rock DJ" and "Eternity" from the solo line of this pop icon, through which he started to sail way back in 1995.

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday, December 7 through the Eventim system, and details on prices and sales points will be announced early next week.


A working meeting was held in London, attended by United Airlines CEO Brett J. Hart, Vice President Stephen J. Morissey and United Airlines CEO Conor McAuliffe, while Mayor Mato Franković, Director of Dubrovnik Airport Viktor Šober, Deputy Director of Dubrovnik Airport Ivan Maslać and member of the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik Sandra Urlić.

At the meeting that was held on the occasion of the completed season in 2022, it was agreed that United Airlines will continue to fly direct flights from New York to Dubrovnik in 2023 as well.

Despite numerous challenges for the aviation industry at the time of the corona crisis, United Airlines decided to launch a route to Dubrovnik, and this year the number of flights has doubled compared to the previous one.

With the support of the City of Dubrovnik and the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik, it was agreed to continue cooperation and re-establish a direct line from New York to Dubrovnik in 2023 as well.

Flights from Newark Airport in New York to Dubrovnik will resume on the 26th of May 2023 and will be operated four times a week until the 27th of September.


The Perfect Guide to Discovering Perth


Perth, also the capital of Western Australia, has more days of sunshine than any other city in Australia. Thanks to a large amount of easy-access nature found throughout the city, and you will never be short of opportunities to get outside and enjoy what this incredible place has to offer.


But with so much to see and limited time to do it, picking out the best adventures is vital to get the most out of your trip. However, it is essential to remember that Australia requires nicotine users to have a prescription to indulge. If this applies to you, research how to get a nicotine prescription before setting off.



Perth State Buildings

Located in the heart of Perth’s buzzing CBD, the 19th-century state buildings are a sight to behold for any cultural lover. Although they have been re-furbished into a bustling hub of various retail stores, restaurants, bars, and luxury accommodations, the buildings still maintain a Victorian-era street appearance. 


It is the ideal location to take in the cosmopolitan surroundings that Perth has to offer. 

Jazz Cella

A hidden gem, complete with a secret entrance, located in Mount Hawthorn, the Jazz Cella is probably one of the best-kept secrets in town. Make your way through an old telephone box, down a flight of stairs, and enter a cozy underground room large enough for 100 people to sit comfortably. 


It is a very intimate yet incredible place to head to for traditional live jazz by the Corner House Jazz band. Because the Jazz Cella is not licensed, you will have to bring your food and drinks along, but the well-placed restaurants just down the road mean a delicious pizza and bottle of wine are pretty close by. 

Cottesloe Beach

Western Australia is well-known for its white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and prime surfing locations. For these reasons, visiting the popular Cottesloe Bleach along Perth’s coast should be a no-brainer. With over a kilometer of beautiful white sand, this is the ideal spot for surfing, snorkeling, and swimming.


Keep an eye out for the Pylon, a landmark here that is a diving platform for beachgoers. Then, after a long day in the water, settle down with a drink and classic fish & chips to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. 



Mary Street Bakery

Mary Street Bakery is famous for being the boutique neighborhood for takeaway and dine-in breakfast food options, available for the entire day. Everything is made in-house with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, from doughnuts to fresh bread, tarts, and various savory options. 


Alternatively, you can choose from their international menu options, which include everything from Asia to Middle-Eastern cuisine. If breakfast is the most important meal during your day, this stylish location will quickly become a regular spot. 

The Neighbourhood Fremantle

Just 30 minutes from the center of Perth, the Neighborhood of Fremantle is known for its eclectic mix of hip and alternative people, boutique shopping opportunities, cafes, and bustling bars. On any given night, the streets will buzz with buskers, lively wine bars, live music, and art gallery events. 


If Jazz music is your cup of tea, head down on a Sunday afternoon for a live concert, the perfect accompaniment to an ice-cold beer in the sunshine. 

Luna Palace Outdoor Cinema

If you enjoy warm nights under the setting sun and glistening stars, taking in a good movie and delicious food, then the Luna Palace Outdoor Cinema will be calling your name. A go-to summer spot for young and old, they offer a variety of films to view, from new releases to classics and arthouse films. 


Additionally, there is a selection of premium wine, beer, and snacks, including their famous gourmet cheeseboard in which to indulge. 

For Nature Lovers

If nature is more your scene, Perth has a selection of locations to visit to take in the beautiful landscape of wildlife this side of Australia. Rottnest Island, just off the coast, is a must-see for locals and visitors alike. There are 63 beaches and 20 bays to choose from, where you can dive into local culture, take a tour on a rented bike or snap a selfie with the world-famous and adorable quokkas who call this island home. 


Shoalwater Marine Park will keep animal lovers happy with their natural encounter tours. Experts of the region will take you to the ideal spots to experience swimming with dolphins, feeding penguins, and meeting curious sea lions, all located in their natural habitats. 


Lastly, take star gazing to the next level with a trip into Nambung National Park, home to Pinnacle Desert, which can also look like it comes straight out of a sci-fi movie with its strange limestone formations. 



For Culture Lovers

Australia has a rich Aboriginal history, and you can get an in-depth view of this incredible culture by visiting King Parks, where Noongar Elder and traditional landowner Walter McGuire will share his people’s history, customs, stories, songs, and language with you.


Award-winning tour operator, Two Feet and a Heartbeat will take you on a fascinating and fact-filled walking tour through the streets of Perth. You will get a detailed retelling of the city’s history and street art and be privy to hidden gems around town. 


Finally, the WA Museum Boola Bardip is easily the crown jewel of culture, history, and art. Since its 2020 make-over, the building now hosts integrated contemporary buildings that showcase the history of both Western Australia and the area's Indigenous people. 

The city of Dubrovnik is the winner of the “Simply the Best” award for 2022 in the category "New projects in tourism, the system of tourist boards and local self-government", for the successfully implemented project Dubrovnik Pass - an information system for electronic billing and entry control to the most important cultural and monumental objects.

Dubrovnik Pass, the new smart city solution of the City of Dubrovnik presented in June, has achieved exceptional success in just a few months, recording record revenues from cultural heritage. The gross revenue from the sale of the Dubrovnik Pass in the first ten months of 2022 was almost 44 million Kuna and exceeds the revenue in the same period of the record year 2019. The results are therefore more significant if we bear in mind that the number of tourist arrivals in Dubrovnik in the first 10 months of 2022 was around 80 percent compared to the same period in 2019.

Simply the Best, a traditional annual award for quality, inventiveness and creativity in tourism, is jointly awarded by UHPA - the umbrella association of Croatian travel agencies and the specialized travel magazine Way to Croatia.


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Trading is the simultaneous buying and selling of assets to profit from price differences. Trading can be stocks, bonds, commodities, forex, or cryptocurrency. Forex trading is buying and selling different national currencies to profit from fluctuations in currency prices.

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Croatia and Belgium take on each other for a place in the knockout stages of the World Cup in Qatar and it is a battle of two European heavyweights in more ways than one.

Belgium, who sit third in the group with three points, are currently the highest ranked European team on the FIFA rankings, in second position. And on the FIFA list Croatia come in at 12th position. In the last World cup in Russia Croatia made it all the way to the final, and after losing to France picked up the silver medal. Whilst Belgium beat England in the playoff for third place and picked up the bronze.

Comparing the two teams value, at least on paper, then Belgium has the edge. According to player prices on the market, the Belgian national team is worth 565 million euros, while Croatia reached a value of 379 million. In total, the two teams carry a price of 944 million euros!

The last time the two teams met was in a friendly on the 6th of June 2020 in the King Baudouin Stadium, Brussels, a game that the Belgiums won 1 -0 thanks to a goal from Romelu Lukaku.

However, the overall head to head record since 2000 shows a more even outcome. In the eight meetings Croatia has won 3, Belgium 3 and there have been 2 draws. There is nothing to separate these two European giants.


Who will pass the group? - Photo Shutterstock 

The oldest player on the field will be Luka Modrić at 37 years old, and the captain of the Croatian national team is also the player with the most games in the national jersey, he will play against Belgium for the 158th time! On the other hand, 35-year-old Jan Vertonghen has the most appearances with an impressive 144.

As for scorers, Romelu Lukaku is arguably the best with 68 goals, while the current leading Croatian scorer is Andrej Kramarić with 19 goals. By the way, Lukaku will play his first match at the World Cup against Croatia.

Finally, looking at the experience, i.e. the total number of appearances of the two national teams, the advantage is on the side of Belgium, whose players combined have collected 1388 appearances, while Croatia is on 1010.

Who needs what to qualify? - Find out here

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