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Coronavirus, earthquakes and even snow storms in Dubrovnik – do you think Mother Nature is trying to send us a message

By  Mar 28, 2020

So how are you spending our days? So here we all are, all stuck in the same situation, and all stuck at home. It’s kind of like a mass version of Home Alone. From a glance at social media people are getting creative with their time at home. And even though it might be boring it could be much worse.

Let’s face it we are being asked to stay at home, watch TV and sit on the couch. My grandfather was a prisoner of war for years in the second world war, we are hardly being asked to sacrifice much are we. I read a brilliant post from a friend in Canada the other day “If Anne Frank - at 15 could sit quietly in a 40 metres squared attic for 761 days - do your part, STAY home!! For God’s sake put your life in perspective!” Yes, that sums it up perfectly.

How long we will all remain on our couches is still up for debate, one month, two, who knows? Photos of people stuck at home bombarded us all day.

I can only presume that in one month’s time these photos, or rather the look of the people in the photos will look slightly different. One friend who works in a well-known drogerie and is one of the few people that are still allowed to work told me wife that “the first weeks everyone was buying hand sanitisers and soaps, that soon changed and by week three our biggest seller was hair colour.” When we all emerge from our quarantine only our mothers will recognise us.

Yes, it is boring to be at home, but imagine what it is like on the front line. The health workers and emergency services, professions that we tend to take for granted until something like this happens and then we are all grateful. The spirit of unity is high. People are coming together for the common good. Why we can’t all do this in peace time is beyond me. Just think what we could achieve if this positive energy was channelled in the right direction all year round.

Coronavirus, earthquakes and even snow storms in Dubrovnik – do you think Mother Nature is trying to send us a message. The planet has been raped and plundered since we were able to stand up straight. Is the planet fighting back?

I read a report on the BBC the other day which stated “As the burning of fossil fuels has dropped, air quality has improved significantly, the Centre for International Climate Research in Oslo (Cicero) has said and the impact will be felt worldwide.” Fish have started to come back to the channels of Venice, the air quality in Beijing has improved and China has announced a permanent ban on trade in and consumption of wildlife.

Whilst there can be no doubt that COVID-19 is the greatest and indeed deadliest attack on civilisation in generations, it is also necessary to filter out some of the positive side-effects. Here are my top five, in no specific order.

1 - It will make us realise that national boundaries are artificial – every nation in the world has at some time fought over its borders, from the Balkans to Brexit. Think now just how petty that was.

2 - It might make us more realistic about medicine – we live in a society where we all expect an instant answer, everything must happen now, when we want it. This virus will teach us that we aren’t always the masters of our own destiny.

3 - It might remind us that we need to respect our planet – it took a deadly virus to show us that our pollution is all choking us and our planet, how stupid we all are!

4 - It will make us realise that people are not islands – coronavirus is the greatest equaliser. It doesn’t discriminate between race, religion, age, etc. It kills us all. And yet we micro separate people into categories that best suit our own beliefs.

5 – It might help us get our arses off the couch and to get creative – sounds strange but in these times when we are being told to sit on the couch we aren’t actually being told just to watch TV. Forced quarantine might help us to get creative, to unleash the painter in us, to free the writer, to stir our creative juices. Don’t be a couch potato – be a couch creator!

And finally #stayathome


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