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It's a boy! Royal birth lights up the world

By  May 11, 2019

I was gazing through my window onto yet another grey and cold May day in Dubrovnik when every electronic communication device in my house lit up like the fireworks display for the opening of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. “It’s a boy!” Finally, there was an answer to the question that I had been constantly asked (mainly with my female friends) for the last two weeks. Meghan was a mum! And Harry a dad! A nation celebrated. A nation had a new prince. Although by the time you read this the name of the new Prince will have been announced I am writing in the dark as deadlines loom.

I am not a betting man but I have a feeling he will be an A – Arthur, Albert or Alexander. How cool will it be if we had another King Arthur. Of course due to traditions the baby already has an official royal title before he has name, yes say hello to the Earl of Dumbarton. So far traditions have been respected, modern technology used and the couple have shown a new face of the Royal family.

The birth was formally announced on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace on an easel, carried by two butlers which relayed the fact that “the Queen and the Royal Family are delighted”. And then much more casually Prince Harry used Instagram to announce the news personally. Of course he doesn’t have his own social media account, none of the Royals do, but the official account of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Yes, one of the things that the new-born will have to get used to is a life lived in the spotlight of the world’s media. From the day he was born to the day he dies this latest member of the British Royal family will be in the public eye. This little soul is blissfully unaware that he is a Royal and that the world is watching me, or even the future that lies before him.

I am not going to lie the birth of a Royal baby is huge news in the UK, it has firmly swept Brexit under the carpet (at least for now) and brought a smile to the faces of millions. Harry and Meghan are like the UK version of Angelina and Brad Pitt.  And not just on the island that is Great Britain, but also around the world. Figures show that the birth was the most covered birth, in terms of international news coverage, since Prince Louis in April 2018. So far Meghan and Harry have been able to keep the location of the hospital a secret from the UK press, that is quite an impressive feat as the British press are probably the most aggressive in the world. I am hoping that they followed the tradition that his brother and Kate followed by having their baby at the St. Mary’s Hospital in London. Simply because they always use a wing of the hospital that has a slight touch of Dubrovnik, yes it’s called the Lindo wing, just a Đ away from being connected to our folklore guys.

So they have followed tradition, added some modern flavour, but hoiw have they shown that new Royal face. Harry has always had this reputation as a “lovable rouge.” Whilst William has been the serious, family man, Harry was viewed more of a playboy. In Star Wars terms Prince William in Luke Skywalker and Harry takes the role of Hans Solo.

The introduction of Meghan has certainly brought a newer, calmer version of the young Prince. And the couple showed their humanitarian side by announcing that instead of the public sending gifts to the new-born they donate to charity. Harry and Meghan asked the public to donate to four children's charities, instead of sending presents for the royal baby. And the latest news shows that these four charities have been absolutely bombarded with gifts of all shapes and sizes. One of them, “Little Village”, a clothes, toys and equipment bank for young children, has received donations from around the world and had a surge in volunteer applications. It is a wild time in the UK, a time of celebration, and I think they really need a celebration on the island at the moment.

I’ll leave the last word to Prince Harry "How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but we're both absolutely thrilled and so grateful to all the love and support from everybody out there. It's been amazing, so we just wanted to share this with everybody."

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