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Hard work alone doesn’t bring success, but without it you are dead in the water

By  Sep 01, 2018

“You can have the best idea in the world but without realisation you have absolutely nothing,” commented the Australian businessman in front of me in the busy Dubrovnik café bar. Of course he was right. And it the realisation part that stops most people from achieving their dream or turning that great idea into a profitable business. For realisation requires hard work, determination, focus and sacrifice. It also requires time; it’s not going to happen overnight.

Unfortunately, many of these qualities have somehow been lost. We now live in a world of “instants.” From instant success to instant fame and instant wealth. I personally don’t believe in any of these “instant” fixes.

“So I have a man come to me asking to borrow half a million dollars,” continued the Australian, oh yes, by the way he is a banker. “I asked him what he need the money for and he said to start a new online retail business. Then I asked to see his business plan and he pulled from his pocket a screwed up piece of paper,” laughed the banker. “When I told him that a) he wasn’t really well prepared and b) had already thought of his idea he quickly gave up on the idea,” he smiled at me over his coffee.

There is no substitute for hard work. You can have the best education, be the most talented in your profession, have the most experience, but all of these are useless if you aren’t prepared to work hard. Hard work will bring success even if you have no talent, no experience and no education. “What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work,” once said the great Stephen King.

“And then two weeks later the same man came into my office and asked to borrow $200,000 for a different online business, this time he had a full and complete business plan and wasn’t going into competition with,” continued the Australian. “I decided to lend him $100,000. If he worked hard then the other $100,000 would come by itself,” he finished with a sip of coffee.

Imagine if you have goals you want to achieve you will work harder towards them. You devise a strategy. Lack of one you will be lost in your journey. Hard work brings success to those who put their efforts in the right direction. Direction of putting efforts plays a pivotal role in bringing success. And that direction is decided by what success means to you. For example:- Crossing a river A) You want to cross a river and reach the other side of it, if you keep floating in the river waving hands and legs up and down hoping that you would cross the river, it will bring nothing but hopelessness and failure. In short, you won’t succeed despite of your hard physical work. B) You want to cross the river and get to the other side of it. You look towards the side, analyse the speed and direction of waves and swim right towards the decided direction with all your efforts, you will 100 percent get a success in result.

In short hard work alone doesn’t bring success, but without it you are dead in the water.

Somewhere along the way we seem to have lost the importance, and the respect, for hard work. In years gone by our great-great grandfathers would wake up before the sun rose and work in the fields, or down the mine or in the factory. I’m not saying we should go back to these “dark” days but at least to take on some of that hard work mind set. Germany is not one of the most successful and prosperous countries in Europe by chance. The Chinese are not the world’s largest economy because they got lucky. They have values and they respect those values.

I have no doubt that Dubrovnik especially had those values in the not too distant past. When you see the work that was put in to build those stone facades and walls, this took lots of work. The ancient vineyards and olive groves, the stone walls between fields that stretch uphill for miles, again hard work. If we today had only half of their determination and work ethic just think were we would be. Yes, the system is bad, the government is disorganised and the general level of state control poor, but that isn’t an excuse to give up.

I’ll leave the last word to the British businessman Sir Richard Branson “Overcoming fear is the first step to success for entrepreneurs. The winners all exemplify that, and the hard work and commitment they have shown underlines what is needed to set up a business.”

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