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I’m not paparazzi material – Jamie I love you!

By  Ivana Smilovic Feb 13, 2018

Game of Thrones has left the building and as a fan I must say I feel sorry and as an accidental paparazzi, I'm more like – have a safe trip! Goodbye Dubrovnik, goodbye King's Landing. See you in season eight and, even better – on the screen.
I'm not paparazzi material. I knew that from my first paparazzi mission, back in December 2016 when Game of Thrones was shot in Dubrovnik too. I can be an idealist sometimes and when it comes to being a paparazzi, that's exactly what happened. Don't really know what I expected – celebrities posing right in front of me so I can get an awesome photo – but well, that didn't happen.

Security guards covered the stars of the show with umbrellas and I did the only thing I could – squatted right under them. And well, then it happened, I stopped being a professional just doing my job and became a crazy fan, yelling: ''Jamie, we love you!'' to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau or the famous Jamie Lannister. That made him laugh, hopefully because he found it cute, not because he thought that I was completely crazy.

jamie lannister in dubrovnik

"Jamie I love" brought a smile to his face  

It continued with Robin Hood – or should I say five days of endless waiting on the streets of Dubrovnik. It can be fun, I can't lie, especially with my dear colleagues and professional photographers who are full of jokes even when they are tired and exhausted. They just intimidate me with their equipment! As a lady, I was never in the ‘’mine is bigger than yours’’ situation, until I got into the role of paparazzi. Hey, those lenses were huge! And I have a tiny one… But it works properly and that’s important, right?

During the filming of Robin Hood I couldn’t play a professional either, especially when Jamie Foxx started acting like he lives in Dubrovnik, he was so relaxed and casual, just passing us by like a local would. I had to take a photo with him! I mean, it’s Jamie Foxx guys… To cut it short – I will have it framed. I don’t care.

And there we go, fast forward to the last filming in Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones again. I was super excited (if you are asking yourself – does she ever learn?? - the answer is no). I came all pumped, discovering that they are so closed and that we can only dream about approaching the set. We even got our own security guard! It made us laugh, honestly, because we are not like those crazy paparazzi’s who will jump on celebrities and their cars – we are used to the laid back living and we act accordingly (mostly looking at the van pass us by in slow motion). The worse thing that could happen is me yelling – Jon Snow we love you – but honestly, I’m not so fond of him and I like Jamie more. Ummm… Crazy fan again. Sorry. However, it seemed that that security guard really likes he job and if he ever reads this I just want to say: I forgive you for all the nasty looks.

ivana smilovic and jamie foxx

The foxy Jamie Foxx in Nottingham (or on the Stradun) 


The Game of Thrones filming woke up a big baby in me and after a few hours of standing at the same place I started repeating – I’m hungry, I’m cold, I need to pee – which wasn’t fun for my well-equipped colleagues. I was right in the middle of my bragging when the guys from catering passed by us. Food, glorious food! I was so enchanted by their plates that I even forgot to look at the set. If Lena Headey or Cersei Lannister passed right by me I wouldn’t have noticed. Only if she had a sandwich in her hands.

However, the torture (if it doesn’t sound like that I can be more dramatic) was well worth when we managed to catch the celebrities from the serial. Sir Gregor Clegane or The Mountain, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow – all in my camera! I was a bit embarrassed because when I saw Lena Headey and Kit Harrington I gasped and yelled – CERSEI AND JON SNOW – while my hand got a little shaky.


But I did it. I felt so proud. Not because I’m a good paparazzi and people will see my photos – but because I’m a crazy fan and I saw some of the main characters and took their photos. How cool is that? Maybe that will be a good story for my grandchildren when they rediscover the show. You know, your granny declared her love to Jamie Lannister back in the days… Ok, now I’m taking it too far. I’m really not paparazzi material.

Ivana Smilovic


Ivana Smilovic or "Smile" is a senior journalist at The Dubrovnik Times, passionate book lover and a self-confessed coffee addict. As a local, she loves to bring news and stories from Dubrovnik... This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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