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The Restless Native - Dubrovnik is much more than just Star Wars

By  Mar 11, 2016

Lately, the entire city has been going crazy over the filming of the latest Star Wars movie on our streets. Ever since the initial announcement, the wave of media hype has been building up and the peak of it is going over our heads just about now. I don't mind. I love Star Wars, and I love it when we're in the spotlight. Most of us locals do.

Of course, not everyone is happy with another foreign production making a film here. Ever since HBO's Game of Thrones became such a big deal and Dubrovnik's role in it so important, there has been an explosion of interest in the city from people who otherwise might not even have heard of it. While this is a positive thing for a city oriented towards tourism and hospitality, it has certainly generated plenty of themed attractions tied to the TV show, some people fear we might end up being known solely for the roles the city gets in big film productions.

I find those fears silly. To truly believe our fair city will be reduced to an extra in a Hollywood movie is nothing short of an insult. With all the centuries behind it and the repeated global recognition gained over and over again, who can upstage Dubrovnik? Dubrovnik IS the stage. It was a perfect stage to showcase what can be achieved by developing your own community instead of trying to take over others, all those years ago. It was a great stage for showing the world how through diplomacy, common sense, and positive business endeavours, a society can prosper more than through fighting and conquest. Today, it's a stage for showing the world how great achievements have a lasting appeal, and how all the technological advances of the world cannot compete with truly classic values of moderation and measure.

When the filming is completed, the sets will go down in just a day or two, leaving the exposed stone cobbled streets that have stood the test of time so well that people will travel the world just to see them. So, I say, let the actors in. We have nothing to fear.


Bozidar Jukic is a Dubrovnik local with too many interests to name them all, with writing being at the very top of the list. He is a lover of good food, music and film, and a firm believer in the healing power of laughter. His professional orientation is towards tourism and travel so it comes as no surprise he spends most of his time alongside Mrs. Jukic running their own local tour company. Their goal is helping travellers from all over the world get a more intimate experience of Dubrovnik and what it has to offer. To find out more about their work, visit their website or Facebook page.

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