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The Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz

Climate change causing a storm

By  The Wizard of Oz Jul 15, 2017

The weather has been a hot (sorry about that) topic since we came down from the trees and worked out how to walk on two legs. It is the cornerstone of small talk and without this subject there would be an awful lot more awkward moments in our lives. This month the Wizards’ views on weather are going to cause a storm!

But before I start I need to make a declaration of interest. You see I am a pagan, with a Viking heritage and belief in the gods of nature, worshipping every living thing. So, given this, I am totally committed to preserving the planet. If this belief was good enough for all my ancestors (minus those born in the last thousand years) then it's good enough for me. Now long before meteorologists the ancient shamans or witch doctors traded on their intellect and ability to read the signs of impending weather changes. Indeed my view is that's how religious orders started as it was much better to wax lyrical in the cave than go out and face the elements with a stick. Best leave that to your followers! But back to the point.

Their community’s survival depended on their ability to read the signs and they were prepared to invest a great deal of time and energy on the subject. Hundreds of deities were dreamed up to appease thus ensuring favourable weather conditions. And when the weather did something totally unpredictable they had the best way out possible by blaming it on the fact that their followers had failed to make sufficient sacrifices or spent long enough praying to the nominated god.

The tradition of blaming unusual weather on someone else is alive and well today. Sweltering in the heat of a Dalmatian summer it is easy to understand why the alarmists are all talking about how global warming will be our downfall. It's a shame they weren't here last winter when January saw an unprecedented cold snap with snow falls to rival the alps. Lifelong locals said that they had never seen anything like it. We all woke up one morning to a winter wonderland of crisp, deep, powder snow that would make any skier drool with envy.

Now let's get one thing straight, across the board global temperatures have increased this century but that is nothing new. Back in the dark ages when the Wizard was at university he took a course in meteorology (squeezed in between a lot of serious partying) and learnt one, indisputable fact. The world's climate is determined by the sun, or to be more precise solar activity NOT MAN as we are just not that important. So the point is we should be talking about pollution and not about climate change.

Now please don’t put me in the “climate change denier” box. The convenient name invented by all those people who make a living out of twisting the truth so they get to go to another conference or another government grant to pay their bills. You would have to be a total idiot to suggest that climate change doesn't occur. Just ask any dinosaur. One could give a million examples of climate change evidence from sea level change to desertification. Recently scientists who discovered evidence of the first apes with human like teeth in Greece claimed that apes were forced to change their eating habits due to, guess what - climate change. This lead to vast areas of Eastern Europe becoming savannah grassland 7.2 million years ago and this forced the apes into a bipedal form of walking. A great contemporary example is that over the past decade or so the wine industry in England has flourished to the point where they are now looking to become serious players in the world export market. If you had suggested that this was a possibility fifty years ago you would have been put in an institution.

But, guess what, history records that back in the 11th century grapes were being grown successfully in the very same regions of England. Even the scientists will admit that man’s ability to affect the atmosphere is in relation a gas layer which accounts for 3 % of the total atmosphere. Their argument turns on a concept called the greenhouse effect which basically argues that all the man made emissions go into the air and stop the sun’s rays from penetrating and gas from leaving the atmosphere and therefore the world heats up. It's a perfectly reasonable hypothesis and the mother of all greenhouse effects occurred when a giant meteor crashed into the earth off the coast of Mexico and threw that much rock into the air that the sun's rays were blocked for years and half the world's animal population, including our friend the dinosaur, died. Since then this has occurred thousands of more times on a smaller scale after a decent size volcanic eruption.

All of these events make man's emissions equivalent to a fairy’s fart. If you are lucky to find a scientist at their desk they will tell you the cause for alarm is the speed of climate change. Well if you can get him/her to sit still long enough before rushing off to another conference in a wonderful destination you might refer them to a detailed treatise by Ian Pilmer in his book Heaven and Earth. Here the author meticulously goes through climate records back to the beginning of recorded history to show that the current speed of climate change is nothing extraordinary. The legions of grant seeking academics are being duplicitous by making their living peddling the fear mongering idea that we all should stop living because that is causing the climate to change. They should stick to the real issue, ending POLLUTION AND NATURE DESTRUCTION and reinforce the fact that it is crazy for man to keep using up all our resources and polluting the hell out of the planet.

We must address the deforestation and habitat destruction going on around the world and these issues should not be mixed up in a debate called climate change. Because let’s face it, there is no debate - climate changes and it always has since the big bang and what we do doesn't have the impact that the jet setting scientists claim. Let’s face it, the oldest trick in the book to get people to give you a grant is to frighten the hell out of them. We should be more frightened of the next pandemic.

So let's stop with the blame game and concentrate on the real game - man's role is important because we have to stop polluting and destroying their environment. Not because we change climate, but because if we don’t stop polluting the climate won’t matter one bit as we will be buried in rubbish and have no food to eat.

The Wizard of Oz