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Be careful the Canadians are coming! Miho Skvrce

Be careful the Canadians are coming!

Written by  Feb 06, 2016

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. It took seventeen years to come around, but patience is a virtue, and I have been very virtuous. To be honest I never thought that the day would actually arrive; I was the most surprised person in the country when it did arrive. Yes the day has arrived that Croatia has a Prime Minister who speaks worse Croatian than I do.

Well that’s probably being a little hard on Mr. Tim, let’s say that our levels are on a par, it is just that I have a Dubrovnik accent, or I should say an English/Dubrovnik accent. I wonder if there is space in Tim's Team for another speaker of broken Croatian....over here Mr. Tim.

I don’t know about you but I can understand Tim perfectly when he delivers speeches. The media has been falling over themselves to poke fun at his errors and misuse of words, even the strange accent, but for me he is as clear as a bell. I can even hear the Canadian twang behind the Croatian, I’m loving it. And according to his Wikipedia site Mr. Tim and I have something else in common, “He is the first non-partisan Croatian Prime Minister,” I mean the non-partisan part of that sentence by the way.

How successful can a “non-partisan” be in politics, it will be a tough and rough ride for Mr. Tim because the odds are definitely not in his favour.

I have been scratching my head to try and remember a successful “independent” politician, whilst there are a few the vast majority were voted for in an election, unlike Mr. Tim, and then they mostly never reached any political heights. Although I believe that at certain George Washington was elected as president of the US whilst not being affiliated with any political party. Although you also have to consider that Washington was the first president, and people actually voted for him, so that’s not really helpful in motivating our Croatian/Canadian.

But wait there is another example closer to home. The current President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, I believe is also an independent, although she again was voted for and even had some kind of political background. Oh, Mr. Tim I am really trying to make this easier for you, but to no avail.

Maybe it is just a trend to want Canadian leaders; they seem to be En Vogue after Justin Trudeau stormed into power as the new Canadian Prime Minister. Fresh and full of ideas, Trudeau was asked early on why he had chosen a gender-equal, 15 men and 15 women, in his cabinet. His answer stopped the reporter dead in his tracks, “because its 2015.”

Even one of the oldest and most important institutions in England, the Bank of England, has a Canadian on the top position. Does anybody else see a pattern forming here? Since it was established in 1694 the Bank of England has always appointed an Englishman in the role of Governor. But now two years before Mr. Tim got hold of the tiller in Croatia the Bank of England appointed the first foreign Governor, the Canadian Mark Carney. Is this a silent Canadian plot to slowly rule the world? Mark Carney became the first non-Briton to be appointed to the post, but also made a commitment to the Prime Minister to take up British citizenship.

But wait Tim has an economic background and so does the Governor, is this a plot to conquer the world through financial control. The Canadians have already tried to control the world through music. Everything started well when the Quebec born mega star Celine Dion hit the radio waves of the world. But that plan went quickly downhill when the Ontario born Justin Beiber wiggled onto the scene. They even tried to conquer the world through drama. And once again the plan was on course when Donald Sutherland filled our movie screens, the plan started to get shaky when Michael J. Fox was added into the mix and was completely flushed down the toilet when Keanu Reeves sped across our screens. The even tried dominating with sport, which worked fine when they played their own sport of ice-hockey and they had the legendary Wayne Gretzky whacking the puck at 200 Mph and scoring goals for fun. But yet again there was to be a “hole in the dam” his name was Ben Johnson. He also moved at 200 Mph at the 1998 Summer Olympics, but that was thanks to a drug cocktail. He later lost the gold medal and was the shame of Canada.

I am presuming that Mr. Tim can’t sing, doesn’t act and isn’t a drug he must be part of a financial Canadian army. I am off to learn the words to “O, Canada, Our home and native land.” Just in case!

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